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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Processing

How long does it take to process my order?

My Debit / Credit card isn't working and my order isn't going through. Help!

Why was my order cancelled?

Why was I charged more than once?

I get an error message when I enter my shipping & billing addresses. What's the problem?

My order status says 'Unfulfilled'. What does that mean?

I received a Blenders Gift Card. How do I use it?

I just placed my order. Can I add another item to it?

Where is my order confirmation?

What information does Blenders Eyewear store?

I placed my order but input the wrong shipping address. What do I do?

The Returns Page is not Loading

Discount Codes

Can I use multiple codes on my order?

How do I input my Discount Code?

Will my discount code work on sale items?

Shipping & Delivery

How do I track my order?

When will my order ship?

Where does my order ship from?

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

My order shows 'Delivered' but I didn't receive my package.

I placed my order but I input the wrong shipping address. What do I do?

Will I have to pay International Duties & Taxes?

How much does Domestic shipping cost?

What courier does Blenders use for International Shipping?


What are the differences between each frame / series?

What is the difference between Polarized sunglasses & Nonpolarized sunglasses?

Does Blenders accept Returns & Exchanges?

What materials are Blenders made of?

Does Blenders Eyewear have UV protection?

Blenders Eyewear Reps

Do I need to meet a certain sales quota or amount?

How long can I be a Rep for?

When do I get paid my commission?

How do I track my sales and commission?

How do I get paid?

Can my rep code be used on top of other discount codes?

How do I become a Blenders Rep?

Refer-a-Friend Program

Refer a Friend Program Terms of Use

How Does the Refer a Friend Program work?

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