10 of the Most Utterly Fantastic Pupper Pics of All Time

10 of the Most Utterly Fantastic Pupper Pics of All Time

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So, it’s Monday.

Mondays are kinda a drag. OK, really a drag.

But you know what makes Mondays better? Puppers. Because pups make everything better.

While there is absolutely no way to pick out the “10 Best Pupper Pics of All Time,” we’ve endeavored to put together ten that should at least be among the most fantastic (and, fortunately for all of us, there are many wonderful dog photos out there.)

From the funny to the flat-out adorable, here’s something that should serve to alleviate your dreary case of Monday blues…


1. There’s a Pretender in Our Midst 

Image Credit: Boo

One of these things is (barely) not like the other.


2. Scrunchie Doggos

Image Credit: imgur

“Pull my ears back, I’m hungry.” Also a smart choice following a particularly hard night of drinking.


3. Pup Cup 

Image Credit: imgur

He’s… he’s impossibly small. And impossibly cute. Drink in all the adorableness. (That was a pun… because, you know, the cup and all. OK. We’ll stop.)


4. Cute Alert: We’ve Reached Critical Mass

Image Credit: imgur

Take a gander at this three-week-old King Charles Spaniel puppy. It’s easily in the running for Cutest Dog Ever award. It’s just ridiculous.


5. “Hey, Check Out My New Kicks”

Image Credit: imgur

Cheeseburger shoes are the best shoes. Big Macs for ya feet! Plus, whenever you need a new pair, a quick visit to the drive-thru is all it takes. (Honestly, we have no idea what this chihuahua is doing, but we really don’t care.)



Image Credit: imgur

This doggo just flat out doesn’t give a shit. A habitually unimpressed pup.


7. Cute Alert: We’ve Blown Past Critical Mass

Image Credit: imgur

Somehow, this dachshund is giving the King Charles Spaniel pup from earlier a run for its money. And check out that elegant paw placement! Adorbs.


8. Routine Check-Up

Image Credit: imgur

Clean bill of health for this good boy.


9. “But What Do I Do With My Tongue?”

Image Credit: Cutestpaw

Seriously. This little swaddled guy has no idea what to do with that thing.


10. Surf’s Up

Image Credit: Cindy Yamanaka / AP

That second dog is so cracked out.

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