13x Professors Absolutely Roasted Their Students

13x Professors Absolutely Roasted Their Students

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From sweet burns to genuine “WTF?” moments, our nation’s premier educators have been roasting the hell out of students the last few years… and we have the proof.

As we wrap up second semester, celebrate your accomplishments this school year (or relative lack thereof) with a laugh at the expense of others below. And don’t forget to check out our companion piece from the other day, “12x Students Royally Screwed Up Emails to Professors.” 



1. Getting the Pink Slip

Via Buzzfeed 

“You’re fired” is hilarious here.


2. “whatever”

Via Twitter: @kade_walker

Sometimes, your professor just DGAF. And sometimes he’s also apparently a legitimately cool, funny guy, as can be seen in Professor Wiltse’s response to his student’s tweet below:


3. A Relative Disappointment

Wow, thanks, prof.



How mad can they be about getting called out if it’s true?


5. There’s Been a Slight Change of Plans

Not sure this strictly counts as a “roast,” but any time your professor moves class to another country last minute definitely counts as getting royally screwed. (We’re messing around—this one’s clearly just a fun typo.)


6. “Literally”

We’re literally not even sure what’s going on with this one but we’re including it.


7. “gross”

Via Twitter: @SellingerRachel

This professor did not hesitate to let their succinct feelings on the situation be known.


8. Consider Your Life Saved

Really, anytime your teacher calls you a f***er, you can safely consider yourself roasted.


9. Taking Your Academics Seriously (Not)

Dang, get em, Jackie!


10. All About the Details



11. “Relax”

That’s code for “chill the F out.”


12. “Hey, Look at All the Fun We’re Having”

“And we’ve got 27 dollars in cash. So, suck it.” There apparently was no caption with this professor's email but that’s definitely what we’re getting from this. And no, the student has no idea why these attachments were sent.



That’s just messed up. What a tease.

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