by Shelby Houston October 02, 2014

Back to School Essentials: We've got you covered this fall
The official last day of summer has passed, and people everywhere have begun gearing up for fall. Regardless of the fact that San Diego remains at a delightful 85 degrees, we cant help but indulge in the season's pumpkin-spice-this and the apple-cider-that. The board shorts and bikinis have been tucked away while the beanies and chunky sweaters have returned for their annual debut.

Whether or not you're quite ready for the leaves to start turning brown, there's one group of people who doesn't really have a choice. The start of fall means something very different for students. As the clouds roll in, students begin re-establishing their Adderall connections and taking off on semester-long caffeine binges in order to buckle down for yet another semester.

Just for you students, we've put together a list of a few products that can make the back-to-school adjustment period a little easier to bear. Here are our favorite fall essentials.

Rareform Backpack
Rareform is a California-based lifestyle brand that uniquely combines sustainability with style. All Rareform products are made from upcycled billboards. The old billboards are intercepted before they head to the landfill and creatively engineered into high-quality action sports products. This means that every single product is individually unique with it's own billboard flare. Learn more about Rareform and grab yourself a new backpack for fall.

Mizu Water Bottle
Mizu is the original action sports water bottle brand, allowing earth-minded people to express individuality through a customizable, yet sustainable product. Mizu water bottles are made 100% BPA free, 100% reusable and recyclable, and from 18/8 food grade stainless steel. Founded by professional snowboarder Jussi Oksanen, Mizu unites the entire action sports industry under a progressive and sustainable goal. Pick out or personalize your own Mizu for fall.

Forte Headphones
Forte audio is here to shake up the status quo of the headphones industry, and we respect that. Forte headphones offer music lovers the luxury of superior sound quality without the hefty price tag. Through a whole lot of math and science, Forte has created an audio technology that boasts a clearer, and overall better listening experience. Join the Forte revolution.

Bottom line: If you are on campus this fall and you’ve got no backpack, nothin’ to drink, and no tunes to get you through the day, you are in ROUGH shape my friend. Gear up today, and tell ‘em Blendz sent you!

Learn more : RAREFORM | MIZU | FORTE

Shelby Houston
Shelby Houston


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