2019 X Games Aspen: What You Missed

2019 X Games Aspen: What You Missed

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Header photo courtesy Arthur Mouratidis

Well, that was fun.

The 2019 installment of the Winter X Games ran from this past Thursday through Sunday in Aspen, Colorado, and were characterized by sunny skies and mild temperatures for optimal conditions during the latter events. While the live entertainment was certainly a draw to many—Kygo, The Chainsmokers, and more—the competition, of course, remained the main draw. The grand finale on Sunday drew 43,000 live spectators, and we feel confident in saying that all came away satisfied.




It’s greatly difficult to sum up everything that went down—there were both men’s and women’s skiing and snowboarding events in addition to various snowmobile competitions—but a few highlights really stick out.

Olympic champion Chloe Kim lived up to the incredible hype on Saturday, pushing past a leg injury to snag gold in the Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe. We lead with Kim for a reason—at age 18, she’s the only X Games participant to ever win four golds prior to turning 19.

After “settling” last year with a silver in Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe, Scotty James returned with a vengeance this year, bringing the heat with a 94.00 second run that resulted in a second gold medal and fourth overall at the X Games. The run’s switch backside double cork 1080, backside double cork 1260, cab 1080 and frontside double cork 1260 just proved to be too much for the other competitors.

The Women’s Snowboard Big Air event showcased the classic battle of veteran vs. newcomer, youth versus the old guard. This time, the young ‘un won out, as 22-year-old Laurie Blouin edged out Zoi Sadowski-Synnott for the gold. That said, the seasoned vet, Jamie Anderson, still managed to snag a bronze to add to her gigantic career haul. Anderson now owns 16 X Games medals.

And speaking of having a shit-ton of medals, we wanted to mention Joe Parsons. While he fell short of the podium in Friday’s event (4th place in this year’s Snowmobile Freestyle), he remains only one medal away from tying Shaun White’s overall X Games record medal count of 18.



Full event results for the 2019 X Games in Aspen follow:


Men's Ski SuperPipe - Alex Ferreira - Gold (92.66) 

David Wise, Silver; Nico Porteous, Bronze


Women's Ski Superpipe - Cassie Sharpe - Gold (94.00) 

Kelly Sildaru, Silver; Rachael Karker, Bronze


Men’s Ski Big Air - Birk Ruud - Gold (89.00)

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Silver; James Woods, Bronze


Women’s Ski Big Air - Mathilde Gremaud - Gold (83.00)

Johanne Killi, Silver; Kelly Sidaru, Bronze


Men’s Ski Slopesyle - Alex Hall - Gold (95.66)

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand, Silver; Ferdinand Dahl, Bronze


Women’s Ski Slopestyle - Kelly Sildaru - Gold (99.00)

Sarah Hoefflin, Silver; Maggie Voisin, Bronze



Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe - Scotty James - Gold (94.00)

Yuto Totsuka, Silver; Danny Davis, Bronze


Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe - Chloe Kim - Gold (84.00)

Queralt Castellet, Silver; Cai Xuetong, Bronze


Men’s Snowboard Big Air - Takeru Otsuka - Gold (88.00)

Mark McMorris, Silver; Sven Thorgren, Bronze


Women’s Snowboard Big Air - Laurie Blouin - Gold (77.00) 

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Silver; Jamie Anderson, Bronze


Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle - Mark McMorris - Gold (96.00)

Rene Rinnekangas, Silver; Mons Roiseland, Bronze


Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle - Zoi Sadowski-Synnott - Gold (91.00)

Hailey Langland, Silver; Enni Rukajarvi, Bronze


Snowmobile Freestyle - Daniel Bodin - Gold (91.66)

Brett Turcotte, Silver; Justin Hoyer, Bronze


Adaptive Snow BikeCross - Mike Schultz - Gold (5:07.241)

Tyler Brandenburg, Silver; Kevin Royston, Bronze


Para Snow BikeCross - Doug Henry - Gold (4:57.599)

Will Posey, Silver; Leighton Lillie, Bronze


Snow BikeCross - Cody Matechuk - Gold (10:31.387)

Jesse Kirchmeyer, Silver; Brock Hoyer, Bronze


Snow Hill Climb - Logan Mead - Gold

Travis Whitlock, Silver; Jake Anstett, Bronze


Snow Bike Best Trick - Rob Adelberg - Gold (91.00)

Brett Turcotte, Silver; Ethen Roberts, Bronze)

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