5 Badass Babes You Need to Follow on Insta, Vol. 3

5 Badass Babes You Need to Follow on Insta, Vol. 3

We're back with vol. 3 of our "Badass Babes" roundup! Who makes the cut for April? Only the best who are doing the most...

1. Sydney Jo | @sydneyjoc

Blenders rep Sydney is loving life right now. In 2018, she decided to embrace adventure and live life in forward motion, making the big move to the heart of Seattle to work and play. While it’s come with some sacrifices, she’s feeling on top of the world these days with a kickass new career, a reunion with her sister and college roommates, and frequent getaways with her bf—British Columbia and Cancun have been recent spots. 

Keep kicking ass, Sydney!

2. Alexa Halladay | @ladyscorpio101

Local California badass babe, Alexa (a.k.a. Lady Scorpio), is more than an avid beach and festival-goer. Over the last two years, she’s taken control of her life and health and focused on both physical and emotional well-being, becoming more spiritual and more deeply appreciative of the world and all its wonders. In her own words: 

“Be that girl who wakes up with purpose & intent.
Be that girl who shows up and NEVER gives up.
Be that girl who believes anything is possible and is willing to work for it!”

3. Audrey Davis | @audreymdavis

Audrey is all about adventures. She keeps her heart open to the beauty of the world—which, we gotta admit, is a pretty easy thing to do when you’re waking up in Hawaii most days. But whether she’s on a beach in Maui, boarding on Mammoth, or at Burning Man in Black Rock City, she’s always doing the most. Carpe diem, indeed.

4. Katy Schlemmer | @katyschlemmer

Cali-based photographer, media influencer, and prolific content creator, Katy, is interesting and talented af. She imbues every project she undertakes with an electric, fascinating aesthetic; she loves toying around with her DJI Inspire drone or snapping seaside shots with her Sony; oh, and her knowledge and appreciation of 1970s California skateboarding are first-rate. Give her Insta a look!

5. Megs | @megananxo

Meet graphic designer/artist, Megan. When she’s not dedicated to her craft, she’s taking full advantage of her exotic surroundings—Antigua in the West Indies—to fulfill her “pursuit of happiness, adventure and some wind!” It’s not just sunbathing for Megan, either—kiteboarding is a serious passion.

Fall Blend, September 2019
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