by Billy Kirk December 15, 2017

OK, look, you don’t “need” to follow any of these peeps, but sometimes you just want some cool ass stuff to pop up on your feed, and if you’re lacking that these days, we feel confident adding any of the below movie and television stars will spice up your Insta experience.


1. Chris Pratt | @prattprattpratt

Chris Pratt just keeps it real. He isn’t afraid to post stunningly brief captions or long, rambling, stream-of-thought paragraphs. He’s just as likely to talk about Jurassic World as he is collecting baseball cards as a kid or gazing at beautiful sheep (really). He’s pretty unfiltered, always polite, and often funny—after all, who can forget the #WHATSMYSNACK series? 


2. Jamie Foxx | @iamjamiefoxx

How cool is Jamie Foxx? (His real name is Eric Marlon Bishop, btw.) An Oscar winner who’s done comedy, drama, the big screen, the small screen, and even music, the dude has been killing the game for a long time now. Follow his Insta for celeb cameos (Ice Cube, Dave Chapelle, Denzel, et al), sick rides, and heartfelt, rather personal video messages for his fans.


3. Rebel Wilson | @rebelwilson

If you’re a Pitch Perfect fan, love Aussies, or simply need an extra dose of IG humor in your life (maybe @mytherapistsays, @fuckjerry and @dogsbeingbasic just aren’t enough for ya), Rebel Wilson’s a stellar celeb to turn to. Like Foxx, she loves addressing her fans via video, although she often puts a decidedly goofier take on it all. Just take this example of her, a “princess room,” and an “Anne Hathaway wax model.” 


4. Norman Reedus | @bigbaldhead

You’d think Norman would be pretty pre-occupied with all that The Walking Dead stuff, but nah, he seems to have plenty of time to curate one of the most prolific Instagram accounts around. Tons of art, selfies, and, of course, zombies await! Oh, and Dave Chapelle, again, because he seems to pop up everywhere.


5. Joe Keery | @uncle_jezzy

OK, so “Steve” from Stranger Things doesn’t post super duper often, but when he does he’s got some gems. Like this treasure of a pic above of him and co-star Finn Wolfhard (“Mike”). Or the time “Billy” got the better of him yet again. 

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk