5 of the Best World Events for Any Graduate (Or When You Simply Need a Break)

5 of the Best World Events for Any Graduate (Or When You Simply Need a Break)

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Now that it’s May, many of you have wrapped up Senior Bar Golf and LDOC and are finally looking forward to commencement. Sure, there’s still finals left, but we’re going to assume you made it to at least 50% of your lectures and are totally going to pass.

What does all this mean? Well, aside from the soul-crushing realization that you’ll soon have to enter the “real world” as an “adult,” there’s also the glorious opportunity to check out some absolutely sick world events.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be-graduate or just aching for a break from the drudgery of the everyday, grab your sunglasses and pack your activewear, because we’ve got some extraordinary events lined up for you!

1. Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Figured we’d start strong—and what’s stronger than boarding down an active volcano?

Really. Cerro Negro is the youngest volcano in Central America, part of the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in Nicaragua. It’s managed to erupt 23 times in the past 160 years, making it Earth’s most active cinder cone volcano.

And what do you do on the world’s most active cinder cone volcano? Friggin’ board down its 1,600-foot slope, of course! Check out the video below (head to about the 2:15 mark if you want to go right to the action).


2. Oktoberfest in Munich

If you’ve ever felt inspired by the fine film “Beerfest”—and who hasn’t—it’s time to make your Oktoberfest dreams a reality. And nah, we don’t mean attending your local beer garden this Saturday night to get hammered.

No, we’re talking the real deal—making the pilgrimage to the Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Germany.  Extending from late September through the first weekend of October, it’s the world’s largest fair and a staple since the Middle Ages. You’ll be joining the more than 5 million people that attend each year for parades, games, amusement rides, food, and, of course, beer—more than 7.7 million liters were consumed at the 2013 event alone.

3. Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

The most popular festival in Thailand, the Songkran Water Festival begins on April 13 and runs through the 15th of the month each year. Standing as the Thai celebration of New Year’s, it’s literally wet n’ wild—what began as a day of temple visiting and the splashing of water to confer a year filled with blessings has ballooned into an all-out, nation-wide water fight that’s the perfect excuse to travel to the country. Just don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of shades!


4. Krampusnacht in Klagenfurt

Don’t worry—you don’t have to actually know how to pronounce this one to attend.

While Krampusnacht in Klagenfurt, Austria occurs on the eve of St. Nicholas’s Day in December, it twists the theme into something terribly devilish. While many take the opportunity to innocently play dress-up as pagan goddesses and the like, as many as 1,000 “Krampi” get absolutely wasted and take to the streets to good-naturedly terrorize the alpine valley town. (Did we just type “good-naturedly terrorize?”)

Krampusnacht is like the perfect mash-up of Christmas and Halloween. Yeah, we’re in.



5. Haro Wine Festival

Occurring on June 29—the day honoring the patron saint, San Pedro—a processional begins at 9:00 a.m. with multiple generations carrying huge containers of red wine throughout the town and to the Cliffs of Bilibio, led the entire way by the mayor on horseback. After a mass, a free-for-all erupts a la the Songkran Water Festival, except this time it’s red wine being dumped everywhere. Afterward, further celebrations occur back in town at Plaza de la Paz, where benign bullfights (with what are actually heifers) take place.

We’ll probably revisit this topic again, so keep an eye out for more incredible world events in the future!
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