by Billy Kirk August 09, 2017

Look, there have been a bunch of jokes made at the expense of airline food in the past. But here’s something that can be said with a straight face: Much of the time, in-flight fare has been complete crap.

That’s beginning to change, though. No longer is such dining limited to TV dinner-style trays or a scant pack of peanuts or pretzels for the po’ folks stuck in economy. Nah—decent food awaits on most flights, and if you’re willing to pay, some of this ish is downright delicious cuisine.

Jet with us through these finest of in-flight meals available today:


1. Eva Air


Image Credit: Inflight Feed

Let’s start with the cute and charmingly branded and ramp up like a banshee from there. (“Ramp up like a banshee?” The hell does that even mean?)

Courtesy of Eva Air is the in-flight dining experience you’ve waited your entire lil life for… the Hello Kitty meal! Coming in a dope, collectible Hello Kitty box—well, it’s collectible if you want it to be, we guess—you’re getting hooked up with spaghetti and meatballs, fresh fruit, potato salad, and a chocolate kitty cake. Oh, and then there’s the fact that it’s served on a HELLO KITTY JET PLANE.

Don’t even act like you’re not excited.

2. Korean Air

Image Credit: Korean Air

While the rest of these choices may not have the cutesy branding, they’re wickedly refined. Enter: the Korean Air spread. You’ll get items such as steak, Jedong Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup, shrimp crackers, and bibimbap (rice, soy sauce, & veggies). Nutritious and delicious!


3. Singapore Airlines

Image Credit: Inflight Feed

Just look at this multiple-course wonderland of delights. There’s so much stuff we haven’t been able to identify it all. Just know that this airline’s Suite Class has its gourmet grub prepared in a pressurized tasting room after passengers select their personal picks 24 hours prior to the flight on the “Book Your Cook” service. Oh, and the welcome drink as you step on the plane? Dom Perignon Vintage 2004. We would have accepted a 40, but this is even better.


4. Turkish Airlines


Image Credit: Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is so dang fancy that you’re getting freaking tea and crumpets. In fact, check out that photo. The tea in Business Class is served from a lavishly decorated, Ottoman-style samovar. So this is how the other half lives…


5. All Nippon Airways

Image Credit: All Nippon Airways

Finally, we have All Nippon Airways. Their “Tastes of Japan” program features a menu selection pulled from a number of the country’s prefectures. Pictured: a Niigata favorite consisting of Shiga beef sirloin and foie gras with caramelized local pears. Also available: eggs benedict, pork sausages, and more.

Now, if you’ll please excuse us—we have a flight to catch.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk