5 of the Most Baller First-Class Flights

5 of the Most Baller First-Class Flights

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Most of us simple, provincial street urchins are lucky to fly at all, let alone even consider first-class. But hey, sometimes it’s fun to imagine what it’s like.

Toward that end, below we’ve collected 5 of the most baller first-class flight experiences. These will simultaneously blow your mind and stoke your envy. We’re talking private suites, lavish personal bathrooms, and decadent designs courtesy of luxury yacht experts. Let’s get started!

1. Singapore Airlines | $18,400 round trip

While the first-class accommodations on Singapore are inherently roomier and more luxurious, with leather-clad passenger pods so wide that they’re effectively love seats, select aircrafts offer actual beds measuring 35 x 82 inches that come with uber-comfy memory foam mattress toppers.

We’d be remiss to not also mention Singapore’s Suite Class. Exclusive to their Airbus A380 flagship experience, it offers each passenger a private, walled-off cabin constructed at the whims of French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste, and boasts full-size beds that can sleep two. Little detail: it’s $18,400 for a round trip. F***. (Note that all these price listings naturally vary greatly by time and destination.)


2. Cathay Pacific Airways | $28,000 round trip

When you’re paying as much as nearly 30 Gs for a trip, privacy is the name of the game. Passengers on Cathay Pacific Airways receive a “pod” that can morph into a bed, a personal television, LCD touchscreen with ambient lighting controls, and pajamas. There are also only six seats in the entirety of first class, because, hey, screw human interaction!


3. Etihad Airways | $30,000 one-way

Image Source: Business Insider

“Go big or go home” must be the mantra of Etihad Airways. The “Apartment” experience of the national airline of the UAE offers a personal bed, armchair, and, yup, your own shower. Your private bathroom comes stocked with bathrobes and toiletries, making that $30,000 one-way price easier to swallow. (Just kidding… we’re choking just thinking about it.)


4. Emirates Airlines | $9,000 one-way

If you want to jet-set from Dubai to New York on this airline’s first-class offering, you’ll need to cough up at least 9,000 simoleons just to go one-way. But if you’re already rolling in dough, why not enjoy a privatized experience consisting of your own suite and shower? Upping the ante is the lavish inclusion of Timeless Spa items and Bvlgari toiletries.


5. JAL (Japan Airlines) | $10,000+ 

While the “suites” in JAL’s first-class experience are technically “open,” you’ll still receive plush accommodations and the comfort of their acclaimed Airweave mattresses for a sound sleep. There are only eight total suites available in the cabin, too, and unused suites can be commandeered by passengers looking for extra room. And true to Japanese tastes, there’s an available sushi bar on your flight. Sure beats the free peanuts and pretzels most of us are used to, doesn’t it?

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