by Billy Kirk October 09, 2017

Got a hangover and feeling desperate? Give these a shot over aspirin. 

Or don’t. Because these so-called “hangover cures” are either hard to obtain or just off-the-wall insane. But hey, it’s definitely a blast to get a peek into the minds of different cultures to see how they deal (or dealt) with recovering after a rager, and from Ancient Rome to Mongolia, we have the goods for you below.

Do note we make no promises as to the efficacy of any of these, mmmkay? 


1. Roasted Sheep Intestines + Owl Eggs | Ancient Rome

Image Credit: Pinterest

So, you’re chilling in ancient Rome and have that big chariot race or gladiatorial death match coming up later (we went as stereotypical as we could there), but you’ve got a banging-ass headache from all the carousing you engaged in the night before. What do you do? You down multiple raw owl eggs, apparently.

And if you want a preventive measure as opposed to just a reactionary one, Pliny the Elder himself apparently suggested lining your tummy with roasted sheep intestines before “hitting the town.” Yum?


2. Rollmops | Germany 

Image Credit: Travel + Leisure

Because the first thing you totally want on an empty stomach after a hard night of shenanigans is raw fish, some folks in Germany apparently have a tradition of consuming rollmops—pickled raw herring wrapped around onion and gherkin—as their hangover breakfast.

Yeah. That’s probably gonna have to be a “no” from me, dawg.


3. Umeboshi | Japan

This seems far more reasonable, if tough to find for most of us. If you went really balls-to-the-wall with sake bombs the night prior, the Japanese suggest umeboshi (dried ume) as a hangover cure. Similar to an apricot, the trick is that these things are massively pickled and can be really difficult to get down. So, don’t get us wrong—this still won’t be pleasant.


4. Voodoo | Haiti 

Forget food! Get revenge. Haitians have the voodoo-inspired practice of taking their empty booze bottle(s) from the night prior and sticking their tops/corks with 13 black-headed pins. Even if this doesn’t improve your actual physical state, at least you get to take out your rage on an inanimate object, right?

It’s the little things, sometimes.


5. Pickled Sheep Eyeballs | Mongolia

What is it with sheep and hangover medicine? First intestines and now… well, yeah, that wasn’t a misprint. We’re talking about consuming actual pickled sheep eyeballs.

Don’t fret, though! The pickled sheep eyeballs are reportedly mixed with tomato juice as part of this ancient Mongolian solution, making them 0.00002% appetizing as opposed to only 0.00001%. Whew!

We’ll have more oddball hangover remedies in the future, so stick with us!

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk