by Billy Kirk November 13, 2017

Unlike some places, at Blenders we don’t jump straight from Halloween to Christmas. There’s an order to things, dang it, and we’re not gonna throw shade at Thanksgiving by talking about our boy Santa in November.

No, it’s time to give Thanksgiving its due, that wonderful American holiday that gives us all an excuse to be absolute gluttons (actually, wait, that’s every major American holiday, pretty much.) And what better way to celebrate a holiday focused on food and fellowship than with an article talking about how you can make MORE food from the food you already cooked?

Yup, it’s perfect! So, without further ado, here are 5 Thanksgiving leftover remixes your parents need to make. Because you’re not going home on winter break to do any work yourself, obviously…


1. The Leftover Roll

Image Credit: My Asian Kitchen

Thanksgiving x Maki Roll? Why not?!! They make these suckers at the Coeur d’Alene’s Bonsai Bistro in Idaho, but you can whip ‘em up yourself anyway you like. Obviously, you’ll want to incorporate turkey breast, but you (or, ideally, your family members) can go wild with dried cranberries, stuffing, green beans and, of course, cream cheese. Or, really anything you desire that may work in a sushi roll.

Here are some ideas. 


2. Turkey Dinner Pierogis

Image Credit: Momma Young at Home

Some Polish influence here that will really put an exclamation point on your Thanksgiving leftovers—Turkey dinner pierogis! Imagine pierogis stuffed with shredded turkey, traditional stuffing, and topped with gravy and cranberry sauce. Dope.

Here’s a recipe to guide your parents. 


3. Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza

C’mon. You knew it was meant to be. You can’t have a truly all-American leftovers experience without pizza!

Forgo the typical Italian meats and make use of what you’ve already got. In the below video, you can see some like to go HAM by using cranberry sauce as a base, but you could always play it safe with some marinara and cheese so long as you top it with Thanksgiving turkey, Mac & cheese, and ham (actual ham, not HAM), right? If you do wanna go all-the-way, though, please enjoy the video:


4. Turkey Gizzard Kebabs

Why not use every part of the turkey in the most satisfying way possible? Your parents will appreciate the frugalness and you’ll get even more food out of it, ensuring that when you return to school for finals that those sweatpants you’ll be wearing to class will make even more sense as a sartorial choice.

Kebabs are kebabs, ultimately, and they’re always tasty. However, if you still need some guidance, here’s a recipe for chicken gizzard kebabs, which should set you on the right path.


5. Turkey Dinner Layer Cake

Image Source: Chowhound

OK, we’re just including this one to screw with you guys. Imagine a cake with layers of ground turkey, stuffing, and oatmeal, and an “icing” of sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Maybe you just threw up in your mouth a lil, or maybe you’re totally into it—hell, we won’t judge. But just for fun, you can always hand over the recipe to the ‘rents and see what shakes out.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk