5 Travel Destinations for Those Ballin on a Budget

5 Travel Destinations for Those Ballin on a Budget

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Right now, it’s safe to assume you’re either stuck dealing with job-related Monday blues or ripping your hair out over midterms (or, hell, both). You may want to get away for a while but traveling is expensive.

You feel a bit trapped.

Fear not! We’ve collected several amazing travel destinations that also happen to be mad inexpensive relative to many world spots. Consider these locales and you’ll be ballin on a budget in no time…


1. Budapest, Hungary | $1 = 261 Hungarian Forints

Image Credit: Hungary Today

Two-dollar beers… it’s like Happy Hour all the time in Budapest!

Now, this place is more than just cheap booze, of course (although that would be more than enough all on its own). The Széchenyi Baths are nestled only a short ride from the center of the city and represent one of the many mineral-rich thermal baths Budapest has to offer, as does the Gellert Bath, where you can stew in a special brew of red-wine for the day. (Wait… so this really is all about booze?) Basically, this bath of wine and oils is like something out of a Futurama episode with Hedonismbot.

If the above didn’t grab you, bear in mind there’s also more intellectual endeavors such as touring the city’s Parliament, which was designed after the Houses of Parliament in London. You can get a similar historical vibe as England but at way cheaper prices. Dope.


2. Mazatlan, Mexico | $1 = 19 Mexican Pesos


Image Credit: Azamara

It’s the shrimp capital of Mexico!

If you’re into seafood or a foodie at all, Mazatlan is your spot if you’re looking to save your simoleons. That’s because hotels are super cheap and there are plenty of all-inclusive resorts available. Fine dining experiences tend to cost about half as much as they would in the States, partially due to the fact that this area produces the bulk of the nation’s produce. Oh, and if you’re not food-obsessed for some odd reason, do note there’s big-time fishing to be had (there’s a 21km boardwalk), and the district of Zona Dorada pops off thanks to its clubs and overall nightlife scene.


3. Montreal, Canada | $1 = 1.25 Canadian Dollars

Montreal looks fancy. Well, it is fancy, with art districts, French colonial architectural distinctions, and various diverse “boroughs” (a la New York), but you’re not paying out the ass for the experience—every American dollar you have is work a buck and a quarter here, so things are reasonable. Plus, airfare won't be bad from the U.S.

The largest city of the Québec province, you can enjoy the incredible murals of Saint Laurent Boulevard, hit the club scene, or delve into another foodie paradise. (Anthony Bourdain loves the place.) Don’t forget to try some poutine!


4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | $1 = 3.2 Brazilian Reals

Rio is the world’s fifth-largest city and if you’re thinking of jet setting here, be sure to pack your sunglasses. It’s renowned for its beaches, including Copacabana and Ipanema. However, do note that Rio isn't dirt cheap, but with the strength of the dollar currently, you may be set.

If you're still hard up on money, forgo the beaches and plan your visit during the off-season. There are insane landmarks scattered throughout, including the peak of Pão de Açúcar and, of course, the Christ the Redeemer Statue on Mount Corcovado. And be sure to consider visiting during Rio Carnival (if you can swing it), the world’s largest carnival with 2 million people a day passing through and engaging in all types of shenanigans.

We’re sure you’ll only make the finest of decisions during Carvinal. We trust you.


5. Phnom Penh, Cambodia | $1 = 4,056 Cambodian Riels 

A place that likely didn’t pop into your head immediately but that offers its own truly distinct experience at an undeniable bargain… Cambodia.

Phnom Penh, its capital, is situated where the Tonlé Sap and Mekong rivers meet. It’s actually a French-built city, and its architecture is insane—in fact, it was once titled the “Pearl of Asia.” There’s a massive market at the city’s center and historical artifacts can be viewed in the National Museum. The Silver Pagoda, Independence Monument, and Royal Palace are must-see landmarks. And don’t fret if you wanna head outside the city to see more of Cambodia’s wonders—you can catch a bus ride straight across the entire country for less than $20 USD on average.

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