by Billy Kirk October 18, 2017

Not watching the following 5 YouTube personalities? If you like silly humor, sick videography and sensational food (and who doesn't?), you'd best tune in.


1. Matty Matheson

The era of the “celebrity chef” is in full swing, but the man behind Toronto’s “Parts and Labour” restaurant is a whole ‘nother breed. In fact, he makes Anthony Bourdain seem positively subdued.

Matty isn’t afraid to curse—something like 150 times per episode on Viceland’s cooking and travel show, Dead Set on Life, estimates Toronto Life—but perhaps the best way to get a dose of Matty’s, ahem, “unconventional” style is via Munchie’s “How-To” cooking series. Below, we present to you Matty’s “Donuts Halloween Style” episode from a few years back.

Yeah, he’s different. And you should be watching him.


2. Grace Helbig

Charming. Bubbly. Downright effervescent. And funny, too!

That’s Grace Helbig. Sure, her bonkers, off-the-wall style may not be for everyone, but she’s unpretentious despite the success she’s found. And while she’s so-not-above dick jokes and the like, she still somehow comes across as wholesome regardless of the subject matter.

If the below roundup video doesn’t grab you, watch her recreate her “Homecoming Look” from high school.


3. Casey Neistat

Cool guy Casey is here to entertain.

Really, he’s more than just a YouTuber. He’s a filmmaker with serious skills. The guy’s been at it for years and has been awarded with not only a rabid following but his own spot in a Samsung Super Bowl commercial. But if he’s remained off your radar, you’ll appreciate his jet setting lifestyle, down-to-earth presentation, smart collabs, and wicked video skills—the man knows how to work a drone!


4. “Worth It” (Steven, Andrew, and Adam)

Okay, we feel like we’re cheating a bit with this one as it’s a trio that works for Buzzfeed as opposed to a singular personality, but this is one of our favorite YouTube series. Immensely popular, we’d be surprised if you don’t know the premise, but here it is—each episode, food aficionados Steven and Andrew (with a little help from cameraman Adam) choose a dish or drink and try three different spots at three drastically different price points to determine which is most “Worth It.”

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between, say, $13 BBQ ribs and $256 BBQ ribs in Korea, well, here’s your chance to find out:


5. Dashiegames

Deriving pleasure from another’s pain is a glorious pastime in modern society, and you can do so as you watch Dashie play through brutally torturous Super Mario Maker levels and a hodgepodge of new and old game releases.

Dashie differs from others in his genre in that he has one of the most harebrained and unconventional styles you’ll come across. His video editing is also sensationally creative. Give him a try… but be sure to keep your volume low during his intros until you know what to expect!

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk