5 YouTube Shows You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

5 YouTube Shows You Shouldn’t Miss in 2018

Netflix binging and the like can be a blast, sure, but it also eats up a sh** ton of your time. And if you’re like many of our friends here at Blenders, you don’t always have a couple hours to invest in catching up on a proper series.

By contrast, YouTube shows are often a punchy dose of entertainment for when you’re scarfing down a snack on the couch or as you’re in the airport lounge waiting for your flight to board. So if you’re, let’s say, a little commitment-averse when it comes to your programming (and/or other things), here’s our choice of five established channels worth your attention this year.


1. The Pizza Show

If you’re reading this, there’s a 100% chance that

1. Pizza is your favorite food, or

2. You know someone whose favorite food is pizza.

That’s why we’re starting strong with Vice/Munchie’s The Pizza Show. Starring the super affable Frank, a nice New York kid with his own pizza shop, you’ll go on adventures throughout cities in America and even abroad to Italy (Naples, Rome) to take a big bite out of the world’s pizza scene, hearing and learning from the most accomplished pizzaiolos on planet Earth.

Warning: Do NOT watch this show when hungry.


2. The Slow Mo Guys

In life, the simple thrills are often the best. So, what could be better than watching a bunch of stuff in super-awesome-slow-mo?

That’s what the aptly-named Slow Mo Guys offer on their channel. High-res videos of bullets flying underwater, six-foot water balloons erupting, deodorant cans getting obliterating by axes, and more. And everything’s shot at approximately 2,500 frames per second.

Good fun, you guys.


3. Hot Ones

This isn’t really a food show… it’s a talk show, a wildly unique interview experience wherein host Sean Evans and his guests eat a progressively spicy range of hot wings until they hit suckers doused in fiery liquid rage that’s as high as two million units on the Scoville scale. The goal is to put the interviewees in so much pain that they can’t help but be candid about, well, everything—and it totally works.

Watch funnymen Key & Peele both slowly lose their minds above.


4. FunForLouis

Talk about a guy that lives in forward motion. Louis Cole, the man Casey Neistat calls the godfather of daily vlogging, takes his two million subscribers on a whirlwind world tour of adventure full of the kind of personal moments and strict authenticity that has defined the YouTube generation. You’ll experience Abu Dhabi, South Africa, North Korea, Brussels, and many, many more world hotspots.

If you can’t yet make the trips yourself, you may as well live vicariously, right?


5. Binging With Babish 

Our first show was all about food and this one is all about showing you how to prepare it, buoyed by a powerful pop culture kick.

Babish digs his TV and movies and he channels this love into his other great love: making dope dishes. Whether it’s recreating food from Pulp Fiction, The Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Friends, Harry Potter, or Bob’s Burgers (above), Babish is an inspired wizard that conjures up incredible grub in every single episode.

Prepare to salivate on the reg.

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