by Billy Kirk September 22, 2017

While most celebs are on Instagram, only a choice few really do it right. Below, you’ll find that each of these 7 musicians have a next-level Insta game.


1. Wayne Coyne | @waynecoyne5

Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips have managed to stay relevant through a combination of being willing to take risks and, moreover, just being down for experimenting with weird ideas. Having co-produced Miley’s last album, they’ve stayed busy of late, and Coyne’s IG easily reflects this. And seeing as this account is coming straight from The Flaming Lips’ frontman, it’s about as eclectic as you’d expect—behind-the-scenes jam sessions, bombastic stage performance videos, travel photos, trippy lizards, and Miley being Miley.


2. Questlove | @questlove

Many of you know him as the drummer for celebrated, legendary hip hop act, The Roots. Many more now know him from The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Regardless of when you were first introduced to Questlove, though, you’ve likely always gotten the vibe that he’s a chill dude. Which is why you should definitely check out Good Guy Questlove’s IG. There’s a wonderful, refreshing honesty to his Instagram—he’ll post videos addressing his audience directly, frequently share clips of the music that influenced his career, and more.


3. Niall Horan | @niallhoran


1D’s Niall Horan has blown up thanks to the success of his radio hit, “Slow Hands”—we like to think it’s because we covered it in our “Summer 2017 Playlist” article (you’re welcome)—and his Instagram has blown up, too. It’s a fun-loving visual romp through Niall’s life, including a ton of awesome times with friends and fans. Good-natured stuff, and a legit glimpse into his personal life.


4. Ludacris | @ludacris 

Luda is a ridiculously prolific IGer. As many as 10 posts a day? He’s good for it. The rapper will take you everywhere with him—backstage at shows, on Parisian vacations, touring his sick car collection, and even hanging with Dave Chapelle. Oh, and don’t forget… bowling at McDonalds? (See above)


5. Demi Lovato | @ddlovato

Aside from being an extremely prolific poster, you can count on Lovato to bring the heat on the reg. Some absolutely stunning snaps here, including both professional photography/videography and selfies.


6. Drake | @champagnepapi

Sure, it’s an obvious choice, but how can you leave Champagne Papi off? Well, you can’t—particularly when his Insta game is this strong. Get ready for celeb cameo after celeb cameo, because Drizzy often posts a couple dozen times a week. Now that the Meek Mill feud died down, guess he actually has a little extra time on his hands.


7. Ed Sheerhan | @teddysphotos 

Fishing in Charleston, hanging at Hooters, and featuring cameos by Dj Khaled and Chance the Rapper, there’s a little something for everyone here.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk