7 of the Most Ridiculously Rare Dog Breeds

7 of the Most Ridiculously Rare Dog Breeds

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You love them. We love them. Everyone loves them. They’re man’s best friend. The perfect companion. And there’s little better on the internet than a list article featuring totally adorbs pupper pics.

We figured it was way past time we made our latest contribution in honor of these most wondrous of pets. But we’re putting a little twist on things this time by exclusively featuring a selection of the rarest of breeds. It’s likely you’ve never seen some of the dogs below before, and you know what kind of day it is when you get to feast your eyes on a doggo for the first time ever?

A damn fine day, that’s what.


1. Lagotto Romagnolo

Mama mia! A rare truffle-hunting pup hailing from Italy?

It’s true! The Lagotto Romagnolo can nab you some serious cash thanks to their truffle-finding skills (remember, truffles are an expensive ass delicacy.) Native specifically to Italy’s Romagna region, these dogs are also a gun dog, skilled in assisting hunters as they go after birds and similar game. And check out that cute curly coat!


2. Norwegian Lundehund


Image Credit: American Kennel Club

This small Spitz breed is about as exotic as it gets to us Americans. They come all the way from the islands of Norway. Their six-toed feet and extra-long back foot pads are designed to aid in their hunt for puffins along steep cliffs. (Really.) As such, they make dope hiking companions, too.


3. Otterhound

Image Credit: Teckelgarth

Among the largest of our rare breeds here, the wonderfully named Otterhound is, appropriately, totes at home on the water. It has webbed feet for playtime at the lake as well as a double coat for insulation. A friendly and complacent breed, they were also bred for hunting in their native country of England.


4. Azawakh

Check out this fella. Tall and lanky as all hell, these cuties grow to about 29 inches in height. Intriguingly, they were bred as a guardian dog in West Africa, meaning they make insanely great, protective companions. High energy and speedy, they can reach speeds of up to 60 MPH and have no issue with running in the heat (unlike Greyhounds).


5. Pyrenean Shepherd

Look at the long locks on this good boy! But don’t let the cutesy look fool you. These pups are greatly athletic and excel at herding various livestock, owing to their medieval-age breeding as a sheep-herding dog throughout the Pyrenees mountain range in northern Spain and southern France. The Pyrenean Shepherd is also a mischievous breed, so expect this pupper to be mad playful!


6. Catahoula Leopard Dog

Image Credit: Dog Breed Gallery

Whoa! Don’t even act like you’re not seriously impressed by the Catahoula Leopard Dog. True to its name, it features killer leopard spotting on its coat and, at least in this case, stunning blue eyes. Used to hunt wild boar, this breed is thought to be the first bred in the United States, with its origin traced to mixing Spanish settler pups and Native American dogs.


7. Catalburun

Image Credit: Doggies Paws

Our last entrant is also super striking in appearance. Likely due to their inbreeding, the Catalburun is one of the only breeds on Earth to feature a split nose. How distinctive is that?

Originally hailing from the Tarsus province of Turkey, it’s believed there may be as few as approximately a couple hundred of these pointers in existence.

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