7 of the World’s Most Sensational Surfing Spots

7 of the World’s Most Sensational Surfing Spots

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You know, it’s the winter and most everybody’s talking about the slopes. And obviously, we love that. However, after several months of cold (depending on where you live), sometimes the mind wanders back to boarding that doesn’t involve snow.

We wanted to offer a refreshing change-up today—a piece on beautiful beaches, breaking waves, and all the sensational surfing opportunities that come with it.

If you haven’t checked out our previous surfing spot rundown, we encourage you to do so. Regardless, below you’re gonna find some top picks for bountiful barrels and terrific tubes… destinations for die-head surfers aching for their fix. Let’s do this!

1. Pipeline | Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline is one of the heaviest and deadliest waves on Planet Earth. If you ain’t got the skills, don’t bother showing up. Waves here reach beyond six meters in size, offering professionals on the tour circuit a hell of a challenge.


2. Bundoran Beach | County Donegal, Ireland

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OK, so you can’t exactly escape the winter here, but Bundoran Beach in Ireland is absolutely a stellar surfing spot. Green waves, the mercurial nature of the Atlantic, and a bounty of rock reefs and headlands, this destination's a car ride from Dublin and offers waves approximately ten feet in size.


3. Puerto Escondido/Mexican Pipeline | Oaxaca, Mexico

Referring back to Oahu, Puerto Escondido is often called the “Mexican Pipeline.” Probably enough said just with that, but know that you’ll benefit from wondrous point breaks and a surf season stretching from March to December.


4. Hossegor | France

Image Credit: Atlantic Surf Route

Not for the faint of heart, Hossegor’s for the best of the best and is often considered Europe’s surf capital. Ringed by the mansions of the rich and stupidly famous, the barrels and breaks along its shallow bank can match what’s experienced in Hawaii minus the corals.


5. Trestles | San Onofre State Beach, San Diego, CA

If you’re anywhere near the SoCal area—or even if you aren’t—Trestles is more than worth your time. There are five total spots offering both right- and left-handed barrels, although Lower Trestles is the most revered.


6. Cloud Nine | Siargao Island, Philippines

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Cloud Nine in the Philippines does not f*** around. Do not go here if you are not an absolute expert. However, DO go here if you’re a die-hard that loves the sport and wants a challenge. Powerful breaks onto scary sharp coral await, set amongst a backdrop of paradise—are you up for it?


7. Pasta Point | Sultans, North Male, Maldives

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The Maldives offer 1,190 coral islands. But the most famous wave? It’s the Pasta Point break, providing left-hand barrels and tube riding of more than 300 feet. If you want to experience the greatness that is Pasta Point, however, you’re gonna have to be booked at the swanky Dhonveli Beach Resort—so go ahead and start saving your pennies!

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