Back to School: 7 of the Most Brilliant College Hacks

Back to School: 7 of the Most Brilliant College Hacks

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When we say college hacks, we’re not talking about some cutesy way to better plan out your class schedule or memorize exam notes.

Nah, we’re talking about the stuff that matters. Read on for some truly impactful hacks that may just change your existence a little.


1. This’ll Warm You Up Right Fast


Image Credit: swight74

Just got hit with a blizzard? Sure, you may be snowed in, but you can absolutely make the most of it. Truly ice-cold adult beverages!


2. Two Bowls


This is so simple we’re a little disappointed we never thought of it—it’s easily the kind of hack you can legit use daily. If you need to heat up a couple bowls at once (hangover hunger can be killer), use a mug to elevate one bowl over the other to create more space. Presto!


3. Stealth Fill-up


OK, this is a totally unsanctioned move, but look, you’re already paying thousands in tuition fees already… it’s probably worth a shot. Take your empty milk jug with you to the cafeteria and fill that bad boy right back up. You just saved a couple bucks to put towards your bar tab.


4. Febreze, You’ve Been Benched


Whenever you bring that cute new girl or guy to your spot, you can now be a little more comfortable over the fact that you live like a complete pig because at least your room will smell fresh. Just tape a few dryer sheets over a fan or AC unit and you’re in business.


5. Coolest Cooler Ever


Image Credit:

Got your own apartment now and no longer relying on the dorm laundromat? Great. You could immediately put that washing machine to use by freshening up your stinky ass clothes—or you could fill that sucker up with ice and throw some brews in it, in case the fridge is already full. That somehow seems the better option, doesn’t it?

(Just bear in mind Blenders totally isn’t responsible for any damages that may occur from repurposing appliances.)


6. What Even Is a Colander, Anyway?


Image Credit: Ethan_Nj

Who actually goes to the store to buy a colander? Hell, have you ever even called something a colander before (whether it was a colander or not)?

Instead of dealing with all that fuss, just stick a tennis racket over the sink and strain your pasta that way. Boom! (As if you needed any more help getting your daily dose of carbs, right?)


BONUS: Dorm Room Hot Tub


Image Credit: imgur

We’re not sure how they did it, but that doesn’t matter. They did it. The Dorm Room Hot Tub, only slightly outranked by the Hot Tub Time Machine.

May you all be as blessed with ingenuity as these fellas.

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