Black Friday Blowout: Biggest Blenders Sale Ever

Black Friday Blowout: Biggest Blenders Sale Ever

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Five dollar sunglasses.

Hard to believe, huh? We mean… five dollar Blenders just can’t be real, right?

Oh. But they are. We promise.

It may seem like something out of the Twilight Zone (or maybe the kind of 1980s-era pricing you’d expect to see in Stranger Things), but nope. This is real. This is a thing and it’s happening this Black Friday.

After all, it’s that time of year again. The time for food, fellowship, and really, really crazy sales designed to help you part with your hard-earned cash. (And we’re all about helping!)

Besides, look. More than likely, you were gonna dump some cash this weekend, anyway. So, why not be smart about it? We mean, you could join the crazies and camp out across the nation at brick-and-mortar stores just to save a few bucks on a new flatscreen...

… but we like to believe everyone reading this is young and savvy. Forget long lines and leaving the house. Screw that—this upcoming shopping holiday is all about those sweet ass online deals.

And we’ve got the absolute sweetest for you.

Log on to our site this Friday, November 24th for the biggest, baddest Blenders sale we’ve ever hosted. We’re not screwing around—shades will start as low as five friggin dollars.

Really. We shit you not. $5 Blenders.

Mind blown, huh? And it damn well should be, because we’ve got the most ridiculous sale on the net coming right up.

Don’t you dare miss it. We’ll see you this Friday!

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