'Blend Friday' 2019: Save Up to 50% Off Now!

'Blend Friday' 2019: Save Up to 50% Off Now!

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We did it again.

Every year, the holiday week rolls around and we get pretty excited. And before we know it, we start slashing prices even before Friday has a chance to roll around.

What can we say. We’re impulsive as hell.

Now, what does this mean for you? Simple…

Save 50% OFF Sun and 30% OFF Snow

Yuuuup… the above really says it all. It may only be Thursday, but you’ve got EARLY ACCESS to our ‘Blend Friday’ blowout sales event!

Trust us, you need to stop reading and go shop. 50% OFF sunglasses and 30% OFF snow goggles SITEWIDE… but only for a limited time! If you wait, we’re gonna run out of stock. Just being honest with ya.

Oh, and did we mention we have special, brand new colorways for the holidays? Because we do. And they’re sick af.

So, GET AFTER IT. It’s #SavingsSZN, baby! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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