Fail Friday: 12 of the Absolutely Dumbest Tweets of All Time, Vol. 2

Fail Friday: 12 of the Absolutely Dumbest Tweets of All Time, Vol. 2

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We all have moments when we fall flat on our faces. But some are so wildly successful at it that you can’t help but appreciate the enormity of the fail they’ve managed.

Thus, don’t look at this feature as us (or you) making fun of these fantastically skilled fail artists. Instead, consider it a celebration of their unbelievable… achievement? Yeah, let's call it an achievement.

Get ready to laugh (and roll your eyes a little). Volume 2 is here! (Click here for volume


1. Big Baller Brand Teaches Us Rejection Definitely Doesn’t Get Easier After HS


We’re starting off with a bang—by breaking our own rules. We’ve been sticking with tweets, but this one’s an Insta DM. Courtesy of….


The Big Baller Brand!

It may not be a tweet, but it sure is some dumb use of social media. Instead of opting for a formal, professional method of communication, LaVar Ball and his BBB continue to trip over themselves by literally sliding into the DMs of collegiate basketball stars such as Kentucky’s Tyler Herro and Syracuse’s Jalen Carey. The goal? Getting them to join LaVar’s Junior Basketball Association (JBA).

And, yeah, it’s all gone about as well as you’d expect: both kids have turned BBB/the JBA promptly down. We can only assume we’ll hear of more embarrassing rejections in the months to come, too.

Not a good look, Big Baller Brand.


2. An Apple a Day May Actually Surprise the F*** Outta You

We clearly need to start a “Fruit Education” course in school because this level of ignorance is disturbing.


3. Civic Duty

Every vote counts. Even when you have no idea who it counts for.


4. Jaden Smith Strikes Again

You tell em, Jaden.


5. Social [Media] Security

We really hope this one is fake. Like, really, really do.


6. Currency Problems

Well, he/she sorta has a point. (OK, not really.)


7. Beliebers Are the Greatest Generation

No. No, you are not ok. You got hit twice by a moving automobile. Trust us, love hurts.


8. “Jason Waterfalls”

Wow. That song is even better than we remember. Particularly the lyrics.

9. Math is a LIE

100% sure this writer literally uttered the same many times in grade school. *pours a little out in memory of all those sub-50 grades he used to get*


10. The Seven Countries

C’mon, you gotta admit… this is totally unassailable logic.


11. Quitting

Actually, we’re pretty sure your liver feels bad for your brain after this tweet. EDIT: It's been brought to our attention by a reader that the tweeter meant to indicate that they will be feeling bad for their liver because they're going to drink more as a result of quitting. This is entirely plausible, and if so, it would mean this writer failed on Fail Friday in a Fail Friday post, so yeah, we've got that going for us. There are layers here, seriously.


12. Thank You, Mom!

Nailed it.

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