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February Product Spotlight: Horizon Collection

February Product Spotlight: Horizon Collection

We’ve been coming at you fast and furious in 2020 and that’s not about to stop any time soon. We promised at the turn of the year that “It’s Time For More,” and we meant it. 

Cue our new ‘Horizon’ collection.

These are shades to trailblaze—style that’s been designed for adventure, enabling you to pack light and see more thanks to super-lightweight frames and polarized lenses. They can take some abuse, too, thanks to durable construction and rubberized frames that have been built for all of you that love to push boundaries.

We speaking your language? Great. Now check out all four ‘Horizon’ colorways:


Bold Raider


Go beyond with ‘Bold Raider.’ These shades are for those that push the boundaries—the daring and dauntless adventurers among us that work to get a thrill out of every day. Peerless construction is characterized by a wildly durable, rubberized matte black frame and smoke lenses that are polarized to ensure you’re always seeing and experiencing the most. If you’re in need of trail-tested style, you’ve reached your ultimate destination… 


Pioneer Spirit


Ready for a gutsy journey into the great outdoors? ‘Pioneer Spirit,’ part of our rugged ‘Horizon Collection,’ is the adventure aesthetic you need. These bad boys speak to trailblazing souls everywhere with their lightweight construction and uber-durable frame—they’ll never slow you down and can take one hell of a beating. And with those distinctive blue-green polarized lenses, you’ll be set to race to the horizon. 


Charging Lion


Meet the epitome of full-send style. ‘Charging Lion,’ part of our adventure-ready ‘Horizon Collection,’ checks in with a wildly robust build that’s matched to a ferocious aesthetic. The lightweight, rubberized frame feels good in the hand and takes a drop like a champ, while the polarized amber lenses reduce glare, always offering a pristine view of sparkling waters and ice-capped peaks. And the colorway? It roars with a half-black, half-amber tortoise print that must be seen in person. 


Arch Seeker


Pack light and see more with ‘Arch Seeker!’ These are shades designed from the ground up for those who live deliberately. The lightweight, durable frame and polarized tech turn the idea of “go anywhere, do anything” into a reality, while the vivid blue lenses provide a pop that makes these the perfect companion whether you’re trekking down a trail or just traveling ‘round town. Get yours… and get going! 

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