Get Wired Sale Preview: SAVE 50% on Wireframe Collections

Get Wired Sale Preview: SAVE 50% on Wireframe Collections

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There’s never been a better time to Get Blended. 

Our glass-lens Wireframes—a first for Blendz—are available at HALF-OFF PRICES tomorrow only.

We sh** you not. 

Consider this a PSA—we’re really doing you a solid here. Since tomorrow is a 🚨 FLASH SALE 🚨 , it means the 50%-off stock of our ‘Halo’ and ‘Hexagram’ collections are going to go mind-numbingly fast. If ya blink, ya might miss it, so this is your chance to be prepped ahead of time.

Here’s the scoop: Our new, first-ever glass lens ‘Hexagram’ and ‘Halo’ Wireframe Collections are a sort of design crescendo for us here at Blenders—the latest pinnacle in our endeavor to make the finest, flyest shades available. They’re a vibrant expression of great taste and good times that will look incredible on anyone, anywhere. And because they’re all crafted with stainless steel frames and screw hinges, you’re gonna get the most out of every pair.

Below, you can preview each of the shades so you know exactly what you’re gonna fill your cart with tomorrow when the Flash Sale hits. Happy shopping!


Shop ‘Hexagram’ Collection


Whiskey Shiner




Red Starlet



Diamond Mint



Shop ‘Halo’ Collection


Yankee Rose



Dixieland Grand



Moon Virginia


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