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by Billy Kirk December 22, 2017

Today, we’re throwing you a curveball. Something a bit different, but also something that we’re just as passionate about as hot shades and cool snow gear.

The  BucketLust.

The BucketLust truly believes not all vacations are created equal. It’s a crowdsourced party project that centered around three things:

Discovery, debauchery, and delight.

It’s the opportunity to experience the world like you’ve never done previously— crowdfunded events built to your specifications and featuring like-minded, travel-obsessed party unicorns from around the globe.

Photographer: Arron Leppard

Let’s take a step back and chat about how exactly this all goes down.

How It Works

The BucketLust seeks to redefine the vacation experience with crowd-powered blowout adventures the likes of which you haven’t seen before. We’re talking remote, exotic locations, discovered by you, your intrepid crew, and your trusty seaworthy vessel (also featuring DJs and dance floors, of course)!

It breaks down like this:

  1. You select your event/destination.
  2. You pick out your perfect yacht.
  3. You assemble your madcap crew of delightful degenerates.
  4. You pay and prepare your mind, body, and soul for something that’s gonna change your lil life.

Really. The crowdfunded awesomeness is honestly about as simple as we made it out to be above.

Photographer: Arron Leppard

All yachts are listed online, and while prices vary by boat size, amenities, and crew capacity, there are floorpans that show you the layout of each. Yachts all feature between three to five cabins, accommodating between six to 14 party-goers with either double cabins (double beds) or bunks cabins (dual bunk beds). Both shared bathrooms and ensuite arrangements are available.

For the full BucketLust booking guide,  click here .

And for those not into nautical debauchery, The BucketLust is embracing mountain majesty in 2018, as well! 


The BucketLust has planned The Bahamas Route (kicking off Dec. 30) and Debauchèr-Ski @ Lake Tahoe (beginning Feb. 18). If you move with the quickness, you can still get in on the Lake Tahoe event, which is set to include:

  1. Daily debauchèr-ski parties
  2. Week-long DJ
  3. Steam locomotive train ride party
  4. Old western saloon dance
  5. Videography team
  6. Tons of surprises

Click here for more!

Photographer: Arron Leppard

And if you’re ready to go all-in on the BucketLust experience later in 2018, there’s plenty of time to prep for THE SARDINIA ROUTE. 

The Sardinia Route will shepherd all you hardcore party unicorns to Italy and France from June 23 - June 30, 2018. It’s the very first multinational sailing extravaganza of its kind. We’re talking stupidly epic day parties, a floating dance floor with next-level, world-class DJs, and much more.

The BucketLust Mykonos '17 - After Movie from The BucketLust on Vimeo.

Click here to register your interest, peep the route map, hear more about the available yachts, and discover the many destination highlights, which include Portisco (Italy), La Maddelana (Italy), Porto Massimo (Italy), Bonifacio (France), Porto Quatu (Italy), and Porto Cervo (Italy).

And if nothing quite catches your eye yet, don’t worry. More crowd-powered shenanigans are coming soon from The BucketLust. We’ll keep you updated!

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk