Mouthwatering Motoring: San Diego’s Dopest Food Trucks, Part 2

Mouthwatering Motoring: San Diego’s Dopest Food Trucks, Part 2

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Header photo courtesy of @borninbrooklynfoodtruck

Just like last summer, we’re here to bring ya the most “nomworthy” mobile eats you can find in the San Diego area. (You’re welcome). 

Keep in mind this is just a selection of some of the best—and if you didn’t check out our previous “Mouthwatering Motoring” feature, be sure to!


1. Cucina Caprese


Photo: Lobster Grilled Cheese via Jeeves B. on Yelp!

Serving: San Diego and the surrounding area

Phone: (970) 631-3204


Traditional Italian culinary methods, including wood-fired oven cooking, give Cucina Caprese a leg up over the food truck competition. Not only is there a blend of local and organic ingredients, but they go the extra mile (literally) and import extra virgin olive oil and cheese straight from Italy. So, yeah… expect your food to be absolutely dope.


2. Mariscos German


Photo: Lobster Grilled Cheese via Jason K. on Yelp!

Serving: 4724 Federal Blvd and surrounding areas

Phone: (619) 540-7822

Drool-worthy fish tacos and sensational shellfish and seafood. Folks describe it as a “gem,” so this truck definitely seems like the move.


3. The Go Go Truck



Serving: San Diego and the surrounding area

Phone: (619) 713-4881


Ari and Liam of “The Go Go Truck” bring extensive experience as chefs to the table—again, literally (we’re actually not trying to be punny rn, it’s just happening). Their goal to offer locally sourced and sustainable cuisine has led to some kickass lunch and inner fare, including Fried Chicken Banh Mi, steak and egg sandwiches, and more.


4. God Save the Cuisine


Photo: @godsavethecuisine

Serving: San Diego and the surrounding area

Phone: 760.978.0759


With ingredients sourced from local fisheries and farmers, Dave Keylock bring his culinary experience cultivated at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to San Diego. The British dishes are authentic and include such classics as fish and chips, smoked salmon on flatbread, and The Butty—local fish, truck-made local beer batter, a brioche bun, handmade coleslaw, and tartar sauce. Yum!


5. Pierogi Truck


Photo: Lobster Grilled Cheese via Marta K. on Yelp!

Serving: 4637 Market Street, 7595 Vickers St and the surrounding area

Phone: (858) 205-3995


If you’re searching for something different, you’ve found the right truck. This restaurant/food truck is the only one in the San Diego area that offers Eastern European and Polish cuisine. Open since 2011, it offers ten different variations on the Pierogi.


6. Eat Your Heart Out 


Photo: @eaturheartoutsd

Serving: 4045 30th St., 2720 Howard Ave and the surrounding area

Phone: (858) 200-6798


Locally-sourced ingredients (have you noticed a trend here?) lend themselves to some kickass health-conscious and vegetarian dishes that are bolstered by the inclusion of meat options. Kimchi quesadillas, twice-baked potato bites, smoked bacon BLT’s, and Philly cheese steaks are all featured.


7. Born in Brooklyn


Photo: @borninbrooklynfoodtruck

Serving: San Diego and the surrounding area (schedule)

Phone: (718) 710-8925


East coast flavor in its finest form is featured at Born in Brooklyn. As the name implies, you’re getting heroes, burgers, grilled cheeses, and a smattering of sensational sides ripped straight from the Big Apple where the owners’ mom, Leslie, operated an eatery in the 1980s. Oh, and this truck is known for its huge portions, so come hungry!

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