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Roundup: The Best From Around the Web, August

Roundup: The Best From Around the Web, August

One glorious moment from every dang The Office episode ever; taming massive swells off the Mentawai Islands; a VW camper van that doubles as a bar; Jeff friggin’ Goldblum eating spicy wings…it’s the best from around the web!


1. “1 Classic Moment From Every Single Office Episode Is An A+ Video”

The title says it all. If you’re at all a fan of The Office, this will be a damn treat for you.


2. Nate Behl Tames a Massive Swell

As Tracks notes, Nate Behl is a daredevil that beelines for Kandui (Mentawai Islands, off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia) the moment the swells begin to get nuts around July. Enjoy this sick film of Nate getting barreled at Nokandui and Bankvaults!


3. “#CocktailLife: Taking Drinks on the Road in a Camper Van”


Many peeps dream of opening a bar but, more often than not, reality hits like a sack of bricks. When mixologist Gn Chan’s grand aspirations went bust, he went a different route—he took a vintage, 1977 VW camper van on the road, becoming a magnificent mobile attraction for foodies everywhere. His pop-up bar, Double Chicken Please, has traveled the country, offering lucky patrons a four-course cocktail tasting menu. The bar is even fashioned from an old skateboard!

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4. “Laura Crane is Empowered”

Twenty-three-year-old UK surfer Laura Crane has already packed a lot into a short time frame. A Great Britain champion at only 14, she’s jetted across the world to rep the UK, surfing in the World Tour qualifying series and placing fifth in the 2013 International Surfing Association European Championships. Shortly after joining the Love Island cast, though, she sat down with Stab to talk about the show, surfing, the social media age, her fight with bulimia, and empowerment.

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5. “Jeff Goldblum Says He Likes to Be Called Daddy While Eating Spicy Wings”

This is another one where you really only need to read the title. But the other reason we decided to include it before even pressing play is that it’s Jeff Motherfriggin Goldblum. Man, myth, bizarre legend. The clip was #1 on trending for a reason, folks.  If you’ve ever known greatness, you’ve known Goldblum.

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