Robo Pups, Tinder Tips & More: The Best From Around the Web, Feb.

Robo Pups, Tinder Tips & More: The Best From Around the Web, Feb.

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We’re back with a few of our favorite articles from around the world-wide web!

We’re going to work to make this a more regular feature to cover more ground, but for now, enjoy some select picks that are sure to grab your attention, ranging from never-before-seen The Simpsons sketches to a robotic dog that can open doors on its own--and possibly hound your dreams as a result.

Yes, that was a pun there, thank you. (But in all seriousness, let's hope this doesn't result in any Skynet-type developments.) On that encouraging note, on to our Best From Around the Web!


1. Simpsons Animator Shows Off 1995 Writer’s Retreat Sketches

The longest-running American animated series and longest-running American sitcom, period, The Simpsons, is a cultural juggernaut. Anything about the inner workings of the series is bound to gain attention, so you can imagine the immediate surge of interest when DreamWorks/Pixar vet and The Simpsons movie director, David Silverman (@tubatron), shared nearly 25-year old personal sketches of the franchise’s beloved characters.


2. Guy Provides Blueprint for Upping Your Tinder Game

It’s apparently not the first time someone has used a PowerPoint on Tinder to promote themselves, but this one’s way up there when it comes to humorous execution. 


3. Meet Your New Robo Doggo Overlords

If you don’t want to feel a unique blend of wonder, sympathy, and low-key terror, don’t click.

Barstool today covered the latest mad-scientist work from Boston Dynamics—this robot dog, which can thwart human interference even while it’s operating door handles. This is a short video and a short piece as a result, but it comes with a bunch of hot takeaways:

1. “That robot has an uncanny movement to it.” *shivers*
2. “Whoa, it can open doors??!”
3. “Why the hell does this guy have to be such a jerk off to poor robo doggo?”
4. “It’s Boston, so of course this guy’s interference-method-of-choice involves a hockey stick.”

And then, when he pulls viciously at its leash…

5. “Leave the poor robo pupper alone!!” (In our best, “Leave Britney alone!!” voice). 


4. Next-Gen Wavepools Are Taking Things to the Next Level

This isn’t your grandpappy’s wavepool (debatable whether your grandad even knows what a wavepool is, but let’s go with it). This huge, next-generation version coming to Australia—and hopefully becoming more of a fixture worldwide—is a developing surfer’s dream, offering as much as 1,000 two-meter waves every hour. StabMag has the full word above. 


5. A Toy Story

Image via Entrepreneur

John Hinnen, a lifelong tinkerer and toy enthusiast, had almost given up on his dream on making it big in the industry. He had a family, bills… and all the other BS to worry about that goes hand-in-hand with modern life. Where was the time?

But, late in life, he got his breakthrough opportunity—with none other than Wham-O. Yes, the toy company behind the Superball, Silly String, the Slip ‘N Slide, and even the friggin’ Frisbee. The catch was that the once-proud corporation was now on its deathbed following a revenue drop of 75-percent in just nine years.

Would Hinnen be able to rejuvenate the floundering company and fulfill his life’s goal?

Well, all signs are pointing to “yes.” And it’s all thanks to the Snow Slugger. Read more here.

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