January 22, 2018

We’re gonna guess that most of you missed at least a few of the below articles and, well, you probably shouldn’t have.

After all, we’re certainly not the only ones posting good content on the web. From The Red Bulletin to Barstool, here is some of the best this month had to offer across sports, campus culture, and entrepreneurship.


1. “Actor Terry Crews Talks About the Exhilarating Terror of Entrepreneurship”

Terry Crews is an everyman that does everything. A former NFL player turned TV and commercial star ( Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Old Spice), he’s also an author and a furniture designer, too. (Yes, really!)

Bonus: If you didn’t have a healthy enough appreciation of Terry Crews before, watch his Hot Ones interview here and just try not to love the man. 


2. Meet 'Baywatch' Actress and Activist Ilfenesh Hadera”


The 31-year-old actress whom The Rock calls “tougher than new rope” is cool as hell, not afraid to drop a timely “f-bomb,” and redefining what it means to be a “Baywatch babe.”


3. “Some Guy Accidentally Swiped Left on a Girl on Tinder So He Did The Normal Thing and Emailed Every “Claudia” at Missouri State Looking For Her”


Shout out to Barstool for writing a headline that also doubles as the synopsis—makes our job easier. But yeah, 50/50 whether this is cute or way overkill, but in his email (attached below) the dude seems pretty normal, so we’ll give the benefit of the doubt. And yes, he did find his Tinderella. Talk about shooting your shot!


4. “Mama Don’t Let Your Surfers Grow Up To Be Babies”


The son of Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, opens up on spending much of his formative years in Maui, traveling with Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings in his youth, his love of surfing, and his burgeoning golf game.


5. “How to Hike the Himalayas Without Prior Training”


You don’t have to be a pro to get close to Everest. Three Nepalese trekking guides spoke with The Red Bulletin to plan a thrilling four-day, three-night itinerary.


6. “Party Where Every Guest Gives a Drunken Powerpoint Presentation Is an Amazing Idea”

“Drink Talk Learn (DTL)” sweeps the nation, with topics including “Hidden Meanings in Classical Music — Acid Trips, Soviet Defiance, and Jaws,” “An Exploration of Shadow the Hedgehog’s True Moral Compass,” and our personal favorite, “Dogs with Jobs — Occupations for the Canine Individual.” Plan for your next party accordingly!