Roundup: The Best From Around the Web, May

Roundup: The Best From Around the Web, May

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Next-level lucid dreaming? Mind-controlled Mario Kart? The “best Cloudbreak ever?” Yup… all of that’s part of this month’s web roundup. Oh, and John Mayer doing John Mayer things, of course.


1. Cloudbreak: Bigger and Better Than Ever


Photo: Chris McLennan (@chris_mclennan1)

The past week saw a wild buzz of activity in Fiji, as surfing greats raced to Tavarua in anticipation of the greatest swell since 2012’s Thundercloud. And those gathered for the event—the likes of Kelly Slater, Ramon Navarro, Laurie Towner, Anthony Walsh, Reef Macintosh, the Rothman brothers, Kohl Christensen, and many others—were not disappointed.

Dope video of the event here.


2. Get Inspired: The Best Commencement Addresses Ever


It’s commencement season and Entrepreneur has a roundup of some of the greatest advice ever delivered to wide-eyed young college graduates, including quotes from speakers including Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert, and J.K. Rowling. Above, we’ve embedded the kickass address delivered by the late Steve Jobs of Apple, presented at Stanford University in 2005. (Jobs begins at the 7:35 mark.)

Full article.


3. Mario Kart… Now Controlled By Your Brain

Mario Kart is fun. But four engineering students at Villanova are using the game—and neural feedback technology—to help those suffering from ADHD. As study participants’ focus levels change, so does the speed of the kart in the game. Trippy, right? 


4. Slate Asks: Is Dreaming “Real?” Prepare to Be Mindf***ed

If the Mario Kart news above was a little trippy, prepare to go way, way down the rabbit hole with this in-depth report on “oneironauts,” aka lucid dreamers.

Full article.


5. John Mayer's Low-Budget Green Screen Music Video Rocks the Web


We imagine a number of you have seen this already, but if you haven’t, it’s well worth it. Mayer’s team couldn’t come up with a production budget for the video of his new song, “New Light,” so he took matters into his own hands, heading downtown with effectively no budget to a company that “usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.” The result is a Tim & Eric-esque journey through the skies, into Paris, across ski slopes, and amongst zebras. Really.


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