Roundup: The Web’s Best, June

Roundup: The Web’s Best, June

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This month in our “Best of” roundup, we’ve got a Dr. Octopus suit built by a teen millionaire, a surf—

—wait, wait, let’s just pump the brakes now and go back to that. A Dr. Octopus suit built by a teen millionaire?! We could just hit you with that and drop the mic there, honestly. But we’re not… there’s also surfing, Kevin Hart, a 3D-printed neighborhood, and Seth Rogan reviewing fast food like only a stoner can. A little something for everyone!


1. Sebastian Steudtner on Surfing

The Red Bulletin sits down with German professional big wave surfer, Sebastian Steudtner. He discusses how he chooses which waves to ride, overcoming his vertigo, and how the wave is “always with him” no matter where he is. 

Full Interview


2. Teen Millionaire Builds Dr. Octopus Suit

We couldn’t bury the lede too far, so here ya go. 19-year-old Erik Finman, a Bitcoin millionaire, took some free time to make a functional Dr. Octopus suit (because that’s what you do when you’re 19 and have what must seem at that age to be a nearly unlimited amount of cash). But there’s more to it than that. It’s a villainous suit built for a heroic deed… because it acts as a prosthetic prototype for an 11-year-old. Oh, and with 20 grand in improvements, it could lift a friggin’ car!


3. Kevin Hart: Mogul

Entrepreneur does a deep dive into how Kevin Hart got to where he is today (that is to say, mega stardom). Turns out, it wasn’t doing what so many comedians and entertainers had done before him. It was about getting off that hamster wheel and betting on himself. And that’s literally what he did—to the tune of $700,000 in 2009. It was a bet that could have broken him… instead, it made him.

"How Kevin Hart Went From Being a Comedian to the Guy Who Owns Comedy"


4. Smoke on the Water, Fire in the Sky

Let us lead off by saying that, in both these instances, we’re unaware of any injuries and, yes, the hot air balloon guy was confirmed unharmed by USA Today. Now, with that off your conscience, here’s a pair of pretty jaw-dropping videos:

The first comes on the heels of a NASA-announced plan to better track near-Earth objects… such as this fireball that barreled into our atmosphere on June 21. It touched down in Russia, creating a 2.8 kiloton-blast of impact energy. (More here)

And then, just this past Sunday, a manned hot air balloon collided with live power lines before an emergency lake landing during a Howell, Michigan balloon festival. It knocked out power to 40 customers in absolutely dramatic fashion:


5. Seth Rogan, Food Critic 

Seth Rogan recently joined First We Feast’s “The Burger Show” to taste-test secret menu fast-food burgers. 

Seriously, who better to judge fast-food burgers than the dude that starred in Pineapple Express? Hell, even if he hadn’t starred in that—or anything—who better than Seth Rogan? We’re not sure if the guy is perpetually stoned or just seems perpetually stoned, but it’s one or the other, so he certainly brings a special appreciation to this kind of grub.

Fun fact: Seth Rogan once got food poisoning at In-N-Out and then went back within a week. Because that’s Seth Rogan for you.


6. 3D Printing a Whole Neighborhood

3D printing objects? Sure, of course. 3D printing a house? OK, why not. But… 3D printing an entire neighborhood?

Hell, screw it—the Dutch city of Eindhoven is all in, saying, “Let’s do the damn thing.” * Video below.

* Note: Not an actual quote.

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