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Shared Misery: 25 Laugh Out Loud Finals Tweets

Shared Misery: 25 Laugh Out Loud Finals Tweets

It’s that time again! #finalsszn is upon us and if you’re not feeling like a big sack of crap already, just wait for it!

Fortunately, the nice thing about misery this time of year is that it’s shared. So, no matter what your GPA currently looks like, get ready to feel a sense of camaraderie as you scroll through this handpicked selection of finals tweets. Most are from the last few days but we’re throwing in a few classics, as well…


1. Pre-Stress Stress

And that’s how it all begins, fam.


2. Exes With Benefits

Best ex ever?


3. Doctor Prescribed

Is that bad?


4. Cute Dogs, Crazy Recoveries



5. “What’s the Worst I Can Do?”

Again, relatable af—who hasn’t done this?


6. When the Essay is Just Too 🔥 



7. Jaded AF

Poor Jered. Even the pizza guy knows.


8. You Da Real MVP

That’s the kind of support we all need.


9. Boulevard of Broken Finals Dreams


10. So It’s Come to This


11. Professors Can Suffer, Too

Taking things to extremes.


12. “Life moves pretty fast.” - Ferris Bueller 

Alternatively, “How the turntables.” - Michael Scott



13. A Balanced Diet

Sounds like all the major food groups are covered.


14. Things Are Swiftly Deteriorating


15. Peaking

An all-time classic.


16. Syllabus Week vs. Finals Week

Too real.


17. You Have Cried 43 Times

Honestly, a trip to Bikini Bottom would be real nice right about now.


18. “Are You Still Watching?”

Of course I’m still watching. I’m procrastinating.


19. Making a Pact With Bob Ross

It couldn’t hurt, after all.


20. Desperate Times

We’re all in this together, right?


21. 8 Glasses a Day

It’s for your health.


22. Concussion Protocol



23. Finals Fashion


24. Diamonds Are Forever

An inspirational tweet for once.


25. No Matter What

An even more inspirational tweet to close us out.

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