Stay Home, Stay Fit: 5 Blenders-Approved Indoor Workouts

Stay Home, Stay Fit: 5 Blenders-Approved Indoor Workouts

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Planning for life post-quarantine? Get ready to flex on ‘em (literally).

That’s right. We totally get that you’re going stir-crazy right now and have been dreaming of what comes next. But for now, we’ve got to work with what we’ve got, and the best way to combat cabin fever is by releasing all those feel-good brain chemicals during exercise.

No gym? No problem. These exercises give gains and take no equipment. You don’t need to leave your room to get some dope dopamine flowing or to enjoy a shot of serotonin. These five workouts are perfect for all of you that want to stay bold, not bored.


1. Bodyweight Dips

Get them triceps burning! 

  1. Stand facing away from a bench or chair, provided the furniture sits at least a couple feet off the floor. 
  2. Extend your legs fully out in front of you.
  3. Lower your body slowly by flexing your elbows to create a 90-degree angle.
  4. Flex those triceps by using them to lift you back up to your starting position. Repeat. One to three sets of 10 to 15 reps of this exercise (and all others on this list) will serve ya nicely.

 No furniture that works? No worries:


2. V Ups

While a bit tougher for beginners, V Ups are fantastic for your abs, primarily, and also the obliques and quads.

  1. Plop down on any flat surface. Keep your legs and body straight.
  2. Pull your legs upward, keeping them straight, while pulling your upper body up in a crunch to meet your legs.
  3. Touch your legs.
  4. Return your torso to the starting position. Lower your legs, keeping them straight, but do not let them touch the floor. Repeat.


3. Side Crunches


Don’t neglect this important ab workout (rookie mistake)!

  1. Lie down on a comfortable surface on your side. Ensure your legs are stacked atop each other, bent slightly at the knees.
  2. Place your upper arm’s hand behind or to the side of your head. Let your lower arm extend straight out beside you.
  3. Contract your abdominal oblique muscles, lift your upper body off the floor, and crunch to the side as much as possible—the goal is to get your elbow to touch your thigh, if possible.
  4. Inhale and return to your starting position. Repeat.


4. Handstand Wall Walk


Position yourself in a handstand position, feet planted against the wall.

Slowly, deliberately move your hands forward, one-by-one, to “walk” your feet down the wall to reach the bottom. (Throw in a push-up once you're at the bottom and in a push-up position, if you're feeling yourself.)

Reverse and “walk” back up, then repeat. If you can’t get back into a true handstand, that’s ok—do what you’re comfortable with.

Not feeling handstands at all? Try something less intimidating, like Downward Facing Dog.


5. Push-Up Burpees


  1. Stand up. (Challenging sometimes, we know.)
  2. Put yourself into a squat position, with your hands placed on the floor.
  3. Abruptly throw your feet back with your arms extended beneath you, resulting in a plank position.
  4. Do a push-up.
  5. Pull your feet quickly back up into the squat position.
  6. Quickly stand up. Repeat. If you’re feeling frisky, JUMP up back to a standing position before repeating.

Not feeling a push-up? Modify by skipping the push-up. It ain’t no thang. You do you.

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