Summer Blend June 2017: Blenders Sunglasses in Action

Summer Blend June 2017: Blenders Sunglasses in Action

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In case you missed our article last month, here’s the scoop: We absolutely love to see real customers enjoying our shades in the wild. You all take your Blenders sunglasses on some serious adventures, whether it’s Boost boarding, hiking in Hawaii, or landing incredible fish in stunning locales. We dig what you’re out there doing, so we wanted to document some of it.

Enter: our “Summer Blend” series. 

Below are a few of our favorite shots from June. Keep tagging us, everyone—we’ll be back next month with more!

1. Instagram: @fulks | Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, Galveston, TX

Catching a ride on a Boosted board, sweet shades on and GoPro in hand… you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re talking about Casey Neistat, but nah, it’s Greg Fulks and his buddy seeking a lil sand and surf down in Galveston, Texas. Awesome photo, guys!

Shades: Carbon Sky

2. Instagram: @thearticuno | Crowley Lake, CA

Matt—fisherman, skier, surfer and engineer (damn, full plate much, buddy?)—landed this cutthroat trout with a bit of help from a friend. Hey, Matt, whether you actually hooked this one yourself or not, we’re still impressed—and the view is magnificent! Dope framing.

Shades: Sunshine Wild

3. Instagram: @gueros_ownr | Fat Fish Cantina Grill, La Jolla, CA

This stylish pupper digs margs, chips, and salsa! Oh, and he’s a badass cancer survivor, too. Diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma (a tumor) in his left eye in December 2012, Guéro has been cancer-free since January 2013 and rocking custom Blenders sunglasses ever since. We. Love. This. Dog.

Shades: The Show

4. Instagram: @jennsen | Pu'u Manamana Ridge Hiking Trail, Oahu, Hawaii

Narrow cliff passages? Sheer drop-offs of up to 500 feet? Not a problem for Jennifer and new hubby, Ben, celebrating their honeymoon with a daring hike in Hawaii. While she had moments of doubt, Jennifer persevered and rewarded herself with an ice cream afterward. Double-winning.

Shades: Fifth Avenue Flash

5. Instagram: @emariejune

Ain’t nothing wrong with being a sun bum, as Emarie can attest to here. The right shades and a Carolina blue sky make for the perfect afternoon.

Shades: Broadway Nika

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