Summer Style: The Yacht Week x Blenders Partnership

Summer Style: The Yacht Week x Blenders Partnership

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Things are literally heating up.

The warmth of April has us feeling some kind of way—inspired, impulsive, and downright rowdy. This, right here, is wanderlust weather, and it feels like time to make moves.

Our newest partnership couldn’t have come at a better time.

We’re beyond stoked to announce we’re now the official sunglasses partner of The Yacht Week. 

What does that mean for you? Well, simply that it’s never been easier to experience a blowout seven-day floating sea festival in the most exotic locations you can imagine. Oh, and that there are some scorching hot limited-edition sunnies coming…


Get Ready for the Week of Your Life

The Yacht Week is a supercharged series of week-long boutique floating festivals scattered across the globe. This year alone, all you party unicorns can assemble your crew and take to the high seas in the name of discovery, debauchery, and delight via the following opportunities:

Croatia (Original route: Jun, July, August, September), Greece (Athens Route: Jun, July, August, September), Croatia (Ultra Europe Festival Route: July), Montenegro (Adriatic Route: July, August), Croatia (Dubrovnik Route: June, July), Caribbean (BVI Route: December, January, March), Greece (Revive Route: September).

All routes feature themed parties, headline DJs, and important downtime opportunities like hikes, vespa rides, and seaside yoga sessions, wellness sanctuaries, and pampering pods.

Speaking of DJs, the upcoming Croatia original route alone features the talents of Mark Knight, Weiss, Illyus & Barrientos, OFFAIAH, Applebum and Ministry of Sound Presents: Monki and Melé (during select weeks).

Wicked, right?


How the Yacht Week Works

It couldn’t be easier to be a part of this party for the ages: 

  1. You choose your event/destination.
  2. You select the dates that work with your schedule.
  3. You pick the perfect yacht or cabin.
  4. You throw together your madcap crew of delightful degenerates.
  5. You prep your mind, body, and soul for something that’s gonna readjust your expectations for the rest of your life going forward.

You can book either a full yacht (6 to 12 people) or individual cabins on a yacht (two-person and solo cabins). Click here to make reservations!

A few other Yacht Week fun facts:

  1. All their events are seven days long and typically start and end on a Saturday. You’ll be sailing somewhere new virtually every day!
  2. All yachts come with an included skipper.
  3. The payment plans are mad flexible.
  4. The minimum age is 20 years old.
  5. You can follow @theyachtweek (IG) 

Learn more about how it works and what’s included, and take the time to drink in everything you’ll experience at each of the destinations!


The Yacht Week x Blenders

We’re going to show off the first fruits of our partnership with The Yacht Week shortly—a set of insane limited-edition sunglasses perfect for a lil nautical naughtiness.  These are gonna be fun and festive af, perfect for seeing and feeling the world around you during your adventures.

Keep your peepers peeled for a preview of these fresh Yacht Week x Blenders shades—they’re coming soon! Also, be sure to give us a follow @blenderseyewear to stay up-to-date!

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