The 7 Most Oddball Jobs on the Planet

The 7 Most Oddball Jobs on the Planet

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Thinking about a career change? Tired of the corporate rat race? Open to something totally ridiculous that may or may not pay well but will certainly keep you amused and may even take you to a foreign land?

Blenders is here to help!

Why become an accountant when you can hold the esteemed title of “Duck Master?” Why work in a factory when you can babysit ostriches for a living? That’s right—this world is crazy and so are its many jobs. The following are a few of our favorites:


1. Toques (electric-shock givers)

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Want to shock people to make a paycheck? If so, you may have issues.

Or, you’re simply what they call a a “Toques,” or electric-shock giver, in Mexico. They carry around these little boxes that people voluntarily—yes, voluntarily—cough up a few bucks to get hooked up to for a shock. Customers do it for a thrill, or to sober up (toques often operate outside bars), or maybe because they’re a little crazy… we don’t know. But hey, it’s a thing that happens and it’s the kind of career path that would obviously drive your parents crazy, so why not?


2. Duck Master


Image Credit: Lil Kid Big City

Why be a bellhop or a receptionist when you can work as a hotel Duck Master? Yes, a DUCK MASTER! These folks care for the hotel pond’s duckies and even escort them around. This can be your life!


3. Professional Paint Drying Watcher


OK, this isn’t anything like the glamorous life of the Duck Master, but it sure as hell classifies as oddball. Companies hire peeps just like you to… watch paint dry. Literally. The employees check for alterations in color and such throughout the drying process in an effort to determine how durable the paints are. Who knew?


4. Professional Apologizer


Something that may be up your alley if you’re an aspiring actor but have no gigs in the pipeline?Becoming a professional apologizer. In Japan, there are apology agencies dedicated to hiring individuals to apologize on behalf of others. A client pays and then the pro heads off to, say, apologize to someone for the way the customer broke up with them. Wow.

P.S., the bowing in the photo above reflects the Japanese practice of Dogeza.


5. Oshiya (people pushers)

Japan has plenty of oddball job choices including the oshiya. This is someone that literally pushes crowds onto trains as swiftly as they can in order to help with rush hour commutes.

That’s just bizarre.

6. Profesional Elephant Dresser


Have a flair for fashion? There’s a pachyderm in Sri Lanka in need of your services.

Professional elephant dressers actually get to dress these animals in all manner of fine garb for ceremonies. Painting may be involved, too! Dope.


7. Ostrich Babysitter


Babysitting kids is so played out. But babysitting ostriches? Well, get ready, millennials, cuz it’s a legit option!

Some farms hire ostrich babysitters to ensure they’re safe from predators and don’t escape. Sounds cool, right? Well, up until you realize ostriches are known to be aggressive, are severely territorial, and are the world’s largest bird. Hm.

Here’s a video.

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