The Amazeballs Coachella 2019 Food You’ve Missed

The Amazeballs Coachella 2019 Food You’ve Missed

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Header photo courtesy Jason Persse

It’s been a tradition here every year to feature some of the most delectable and dope Coachella eats each festival season—and we’re back with the goods this year!

Check out the gallery below and don’t be afraid to curse us for making your stomachs growl and roar—we’ll totally understand. And feel free to check out last year’s festival offerings, too!


1. Shiitake Mushroom and Chicken Thai Basil Dumplings | @badgirlfoodie


Bling Bling Dumpling bringing the goods—organic, handmade Shiitake Mushroom and Chicken Thai Basil Dumplings!


2. Mac & Cheese Pizza | @masturplater


If you’re between the Gobi + Mojave stages, be sure to get your hands on a slice! It combines two of the all-time greatest foods: Pizza and mac ’n cheese! Note: Definitely not for the lactose intolerant.


3. Papas a la Bestia! Fries | @vegatinos


Coachella looks out for vegans, too. Check out the exceptional-looking Papas a la Bestia!, consisting of french fries, ketchup, mustard, chipotle sauce, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and a plant-based meat of your choice.


4. Flamin Dog | @julesjlceats


This frank doesn’t mess around. We’re talking hot Cheetos, bacon, grilled onions, and Sriracha mayo. A power move for any hungry festival-goer.


5. Light Show Ice Cream | @aftersicecream


A Coachella-exclusive flavor from Afters Ice Cream in 2019, this desert is as psychedelic and trippy as festival desserts get.


6. PB&J…With a Twist | @bostonfoood


Even the PB&J at Coachella is extra. Check out this sandwich, which comes uniquely packed with espresso peanut butter and dark chocolate raspberry jelly.


7. Loaded Chicken Fingers | @thebaconprincessblog


Say it with us: Loaded. 👏 Chicken. 👏 Fingers. 👏 It’s nothing exotic but, damn, they look good. Gluten-free fingers laid on a bed of fries topped with cabbage, spicy sauce, scallions, and pickles, courtesy Fuku.


8. Four-cheese Truffle Grilled Cheese | @thrillist


Cheezus with the festival fuel—an American classic with a serious twist. Feast your eyes (and try to catch your drool) on this four-cheese grilled cheese complete with black truffle sauce!

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