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by Billy Kirk July 14, 2017

We’re back at it! Our July installment of “This Month in Memes.”

And why not? Memes are practically the lifeblood of the Internet these days. They’re everywhere, and while they may not be able to turn a crappy day all the way around, they can at least make one a little less mediocre. That’s why we’ve collected a smattering of our favorites from this month for you below.

Note that these aren’t necessarily our favorite meme accounts/recommendations—only our individual picks from the past few weeks! Pics without an account tag were unattributed.



1. “Here, Hold My Baby” | @mytherapistsays


There’s nothing quite like the abject terror that hits when someone asks you to hold their little, weird infant child. “How do I grab it? How long do I hold it? Heck, I don’t even know where this thing’s been. Is it even human? It might be a demon. AH, get it away from me!!”

2. So Smooth | @preshpost


One of the most difficult things in adolescence and early adulthood has to be resisting the urge to text or message that special someone. It’s that “screw-it-they-probably-don’t-like-me-but-then-again-wait-maybe-they-do” internal argument you have with yourself weekly. That’s why it’s so damn sweet when you wait and your phone pops off and it’s them.


3. “Hey, Who’s That Cute Cashier?”

The cutest cashier is you. Always remember that.


4. Friday Night vs. Monday Morning


This one speaks for itself. Friday got ya feeling like The Great Gatsby Leo, Monday got ya feeling like The Wolf of Wall Street Leo (at his low point).

5. Professor Gorilla Gives Lecture to Attentive Students | @fuckjerry

This erudite film professor really breaks down the point of the movie where Titanic’s logic just totally falls apart.

6. It’ll Sneak Up on Ya | @mytherapistsays

You know you’ve been that person before.

7. It’s Like Seeing the Face of God | @preshpost

Even better than getting the text from your crush is first opening that glorious pizza box. Blessings.


Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk