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by Billy Kirk June 21, 2017

Ah, memes. That Internet goldmine of laughs. The perfect way to pass the time at work or school when you don’t feel like getting anything productive done (which is probably, like, every day at work or school, realistically.)

Anyone who’s anyone knows memes enrich our lives. We love ‘em here at Blenders, so we’ve rounded up our favorites from this month for ya below. Note that these aren’t necessarily our favorite Insta accounts—just our individual meme picks. Expect this to be a recurring feature!


1. Pregame Resurrection | @preshpost

We all know someone that’s pulled off this feat—and it’s never any less miraculous, no matter how many times it’s happened. Back from the friggin’ dead.


2. Doggo LOVES Wine | @dogsbeingbasic


Something we can all relate to: an incredible thirst for cheap, inoffensive boxed wine. BTW, highlight of recent Halloween(s): Seeing someone dressed as boxed wine, with a working spout that actually distributes vino to anyone willing to partake. 10/10 for inventiveness.



3. Dazed and Overheated | @fuckjerry


This is the kind of clever humor you can’t help but snicker at… plus, a bonus for using a famous line from a dope movie we just recently featured in our “5 Old Movies Every Millennial Should Watch” article.


4. Headmaster of Hogweeds | @ziwe


Courtesy of Twitter user @ziwe, this one from Game 5 of the Cavs-Warriors NBA Finals is pretty much perfect. We love ya, Snoop.

5. Chicken Nugget Scientist | @makeyouwot

How relatable is this? Being a chicken nugget scientist = unlimited free chicken nuggets. Best job ever.



6. Super Feelings Regeneration | @dogsbeingbasic

Rejection by a dog? Yeah, as Dwight of The Office notes here, that’s gonna take legit superhero-style feelings regeneration. Or, at the very least a sh** ton of faux bravado… because let’s be honest, you’re absolutely wrecked every time it happens, even if you don’t let on.



7. Reasonable Hour My Ass | @preshpost

No one likes rules. And when parents set them? Yeah. Not listening.

Billy Kirk
Billy Kirk