Tom Schaar and X Games Minneapolis 2018: What You Missed

Tom Schaar and X Games Minneapolis 2018: What You Missed

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Well, that’s a wrap on X Games Minneapolis 2018! Stretching from last Wednesday through the weekend, the extreme sports competition saw a whole bunch of guys and gals compete. They came, they saw, they did some crazy ass stuff… and a few walked away as conquerors.

Below, you’ll find the “Top 3”/podium results for every event final at these games—as well as a special section on our boy, 18-year-old skateboarding phenom, Tom Schaar (yes, he medaled!). ESPN and Minneapolis have already reached a two-year extension for the competition, so we’ll be right back here this time next year to cover everything that goes down in Minneapolis.


Tom Schaar X Games Minneapolis 2018 Results 

We’re humbled to sponsor Tom Schaar here at Blenders Eyewear and even more proud of the way the dude handled himself at these X Games. Tom is coming off a recent left knee stress fracture so, needless to say, that complicated matters a bit in Minneapolis. 

But that didn’t stop Tom—the first guy to ever land a skateboarding 1080—from medaling.

The Cardiff, California native and reigning silver medalist from last year’s games kicked off the Toyota Men's Skateboard Park Final on Saturday with a virtually flawless first run at U.S. Bank Stadium. Although pool corners and deep vert areas were mixed with various obstacles and rails—and although there were 11 other participants representing the world’s best—Tom’s run was enough to secure a bronze medal in the final. Here’s video:

Tom also placed 5th this year in the Real Cost Skateboard Big Air Final, his only other event. The skateboarding prodigy now has a total of eight X Games medals. Congrats, Tom! 


Full X Games Minneapolis 2018 Results

Next X Skateboard Park

Liam Pace (Gold)

Gavin Bottger (Silver)

Luiz Francisco (Bronze)

Next X Skateboard Street

Giovanni Vianna (Gold)

Keyaki Ike (Silver)

Marcos Montoya (Bronze)

BMX Street

Chad Kerley (Gold)

Garrett Reynolds (Silver)

Devon Smillie (Bronze)

Dave Mirra’s BMX Park Best Trick

Alex Hiam (Gold)

Logan Martin (Silver)

Alex Nikulin (Bronze)

Moto X Quarterpipe High Air

Axell Hodges (Gold)

Colby Raha (Silver)

Tyler Bereman (Bronze)

The Real Cost BMX Big Air Final

James Foster (Gold)

Morgan Wade (Silver)

Vince Byron (Bronze)

Moto X Freestyle

Tom Pages (Gold)

Jackson Strong (Silver)

Rob Adelberg (Bronze)

LifeProof Moto X Step Up 

Jarryd McNeil (Gold)

Libor Podmol (Silver)

Colby Raha (Bronze)

Toyota Men’s Skateboard Park

Alex Sorgente (Gold)

Tristan Rennie (Silver)

Tom Schaar (Bronze)

SoFi Women’s Skateboard Street

Mariah Dunn (Gold)

Aori Nishimura (Silver)

Alexis Sablone (Bronze)

Fruit of the Loom BMX Dirt

Brandon Loupos (Gold)

Logan Martin (Silver)

Brian Fox (Bronze)


Moto X Best Whip

Jarryd McNeil (Gold)

Genki Watanabe (Silver)

Axell Hodges (Bronze)

Monster Energy Moto X Best Trick

Jackson Strong (Gold)

Tom Pages (Silver)

Rob Adelberg (Bronze)

The Real Cost Skateboard Big Air

Mitchie Brusco (Gold)

Clay Kreiner (Silver)

Trey Wood (Bronze)

*Tom Schaar placed 5th

Harley-Davidson Flat Track Racing & Harley Hooligan Racing Final

Jared Mees (Gold)

Briar Bauman (Silver)

Jake Johnson (Bronze)


Women's Skateboard Park

Brighton Zeuner (Gold)

Sabre Norris (Silver)

Sakura Yosozumi (Bronze)

Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street

Nyjah Huston (Gold)

Jagger Eaton (Silver)

Kelvin Hoefler (Bronze)

Toyota Men's BMX Park

Logan Martin (Gold)

Dennis Enarson (Silver)

Kyle Baldock (Bronze)

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