March 14, 2018

Twitter is an absolute goldmine during Spring Break. Below, we’ve dutifully collected some of the finest tweets from spring breakers across our glorious nation—as well as a few quips from those envious folks left behind.


1. Paging Teagan from Tennessee

Will the great love story of our time ever come to fruition?

2. Enough, You Braggarts!

This non-spring breaker on the East Coast has just about had enough of Spring Break smugness.

3. The Fresh Maker!

Those Mentos really come in handy. (This one actually made us LOL.)

4. Grad School Probs

Sometimes it’s the little things that remind us of… well, of how boring our lives have become.

5. Losing All Your Sh**

We’re leaving this one un-redacted because these dudes apparently need the help.

6. Greetings from the South Padre Island Police Force

Unfortunately for the cops, donuts and dune chases do not mix well.

7. What’s a Chicken Fajita?

Spring Break is a wonderful time to expand your mind.

8. Wisest Words Ever

See title.

9. Check Out This Aesthetic

What a fashion-forward spring break look.

10. Eleven Dollars


11. Your Local Police Department is Concerned

The cops just assume you’re a complete degenerate. (And they’re probably right.)

12. So Hot

The bar for being considered hot is constantly being lowered. Personally, this writer is completely fine with this trend.

13. “Dedrunker”

Your active vocabulary will never be sharper than it is over break. This is proof.

14. Mandatory Naps

The only way to truly bring out your inner savage.

15. Tiny House Death Trap

The above header sounds like the working title of a throwaway indie horror flick due out in October. 

16. And Finally, The Tweet That Most Encapsulates Spring Break