Active & Sport Sunglasses


Sunglasses aren't just used as ordinary eyewear or for that rebellious look; some shades are meant for extreme sports, especially snowboarding and skiing. If you're interested in a pair of sporty shades, check out our polarized sport sunglasses, which are suited for winter sports. Eye protection is always important regardless of the season, and the shades that we offer have what you need to keep your eyes protected.

Frame Design

These sport performance sunglasses have various frame designs. Some of the frames fit men specifically while others are made to fit women better. Other frames are unisex. Select frames have adjustable nose pads or temples while others benefit from being floatable as well as remaining safe from salt water. Regardless of the frame design, you have a great level of protection that you won't get with just a normal pair of glasses. Frames sizes for the sunglasses in the active and sport collection range from medium to large.

Frame Coloring

With the best sport sunglasses that we offer, you'll get a variety of frame colors to choose from. Apart from the traditional black, blue, gray, and clear options, other frame colors include pink, brown, purple, white, and tortoise. The variety of colors enables you to personalize how you want to look with your sunglasses.

Lens Options

In addition to the frame color options, our active and sport sunglasses feature lenses available in a range of colors. These different colors allow extreme sports enthusiasts to stand out while wearing their chrome shades without compromising their eyesight. Black smoke, blue, green, orange, and pink are some common choices, but brown, champagne, red, and silver mirror are also available. Every lens has 100% UV protection, meaning that they will block ultraviolet rays from reaching your eyes.

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