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Green is the color of fresh, new growth and one of the most popular colors for sunglass lenses. If you're looking for the best green lens sunglasses around, you've come to the right place. We have a shade of green for everyone, from envy to ambition to riches. Soothe your soul with a pair of jade infinity lenses, or ignite the flames of jealousy from your peers as you strut down the sidewalk on your lunch break. Let your fingers do the walking, and sniff out your perfect pair today. There's no time like the present.

A Buffet of Options

Bright, lime green lenses certainly draw the eye, but if you aren't buying a pair just for peacocking purposes, there are many more reasons to keep a pair of green lenses at the tips of your fingers. We offer polarized green lens sunglasses, mirrored green lens sunglasses, metal green lens sunglasses, and plastic green lens sunglasses. Each frame is perfectly sculpted to fit your face comfortably, but if you aren't 100% satisfied, you can return your pair for free and try another style.

Your Style Is Unique

From the beach to the slopes and everywhere in between, there is a pair of green lenses out there just waiting for you. Our shades of green are exhaustive, from verdant to jade to a deep jungle hue. You can even find a lemon-lime pair or one with colors that shift from green to blue or yellow. You're sure to find the shade that you desire with just a few clicks. Every pair of Blenders eyewear is unique and will make you feel unique. Whether you're walking the boardwalk or taking the ski lift, there's a pair of vibrant, green lenses in your future. Any way you slice them, these zesty, lime-colored lenses might just be what you're missing.

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