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Mountain Biking Sunglasses

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Crossing Alaska

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Also in 4 more colors!


Mountain Biking Sunglasses

When you’re taking on tough terrain, you want to have the best gear possible to maneuver. When it comes to selecting the best sunglasses for mountain biking, it is important to choose those that perfectly combine performance, protection, and aesthetics. There are several variables to consider when searching for mountain biking sunglasses, including design, shape, and style. Here are some tips to consider when picking out the best MTB sunglasses for your lifestyle.


Performance relies on several factors, and with fit being one of the most important, the MTB sunglasses you ultimately decide on should fit properly on your face in tandem with your helmet. That way, you’re always looking through the optical center of the lens. You can find frames that have straight temple arms that are compatible with helmets, with some including adjustable nose pieces or temple arms that can be customized for a more secure fit.


Another factor to consider when looking for the best sunglasses for mountain biking is the tint of the lens. There are pros and cons to lens tint, as it truly depends on preference and how much protection you think you will need. While black lenses are great for bright light, brown lenses filter out blue light waves, enhancing the greenery around you. Cool, right? We have seven color options to choose from because let's be real, lens choice often depends on your personal swagger, and this is the area to really play up your own style.


When you’re shredding down the trails, you want the best visuals to match your adrenaline level, and the best MTB sunglasses provide enough eye coverage for even peripheral vision. We carry a range of different mountain biking sunglasses that expand your field of vision and reduce any obstacles you may encounter on the terrain. You’ll never have to compromise comfort for style when it comes to our mountain biking sunglasses. No matter what frame or color you choose, our mountain biking sunglasses are built to last with quality you can count on.

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