Regular Fit Snow Goggles

Standard Fit Snowboard & Ski Goggles and Lenses


Oversized snow goggles (like the Blenders ‘Nebula’ collection) and smaller-sized goggles (such as the Blenders ‘Lunar’ collection) serve an important purpose in the snowboarding world, catering to those that want more precise goggle sizing to accommodate their face/head dimensions. That said, there continues to be a place for more traditional, regular fit snow goggles that do their job in appealing to a wide swathe of enthusiasts who need high-performance gear with standard sizing.

Enter // the Blenders ‘Aura’ collection.

The Aura collection satiates the needs of snowboarders with a regular fit and a range of smart features. Keep reading for the full scoop!

High-Performance Standard Fit Snow Goggles

The Blenders Aura collection snow goggles feature some of the best optical clarity on the market. The cylindrical lenses provide a wide field of view and boast anti-fog/anti-scratch/anti-smudge coatings to keep everything clear as you race down the slopes. They’re impact-resistant and 100% helmet compatible; plus, Over the Glasses (OTG) design means these fit perfectly over prescription glasses, if you choose to wear them.

We’d be way out of bounds if we forgot to mention the Aura collection’s Rapid Magnetic Interchangeable Lens system. This tech uses magnetic attachment points on the frame to enable you to easily pop off your existing lens and pop on a spare without missing a beat. Sensational!

The Aura regular fit ski goggles aren’t just high-tech—they’ve got some serious high fashion vibes, too. Colorways range from exotic patterns with neon tones to slick, dark, stealthy hues. You’re about to Live Forward in full color with these goggles—don’t hesitate to toss a couple into your cart today before your favorite model sells out!

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