Mario Chalmers Signature Series | Blenders Eyewear
This isn’t just a collaboration. It’s a story of adversity, perseverance, and success earned the hard way. A fledgling startup and an elite athlete pushed to the limit show that if you want the glitz, you better bring the grit.


Blenders Eyewear started in 2012 when we (Co-Founders Blake and Chase) came together with the shared vision of starting something we could call our own. The purpose of Blenders is to provide fresh, vibrant, comfortable sunglasses that push people out of their style comfort zone.
Dreams and reality are often worlds apart. Major business challenges started on day one and just got bigger as things started to snowball. Neither of us had any business experience. No business plan. No road map to succeed in a competitive market.

We did have one thing that every entrepreneur needs : 100% absolute confidence that we could figure it out along the way (mixed with a healthy dash of insanity). Scrawled on the wall of the Blenders office, these words sum up our guiding attitude: "The only way you’re going to fail is if you stop"
Years later, business is booming and with it, come new opportunities to collaborate with a number of people from all walks of life. Enter, Mario Chalmers.

Chalmers, hailing from Anchorage, Alaska is a professional basketball player with a ton of achievements through an outstanding career. McDonald's High School All-American and three time Alaska High School Player of the Year. NCAA defensive player of the year. Most Outstanding Player Award NCAA D1 Tournament. NCAA Champion. 34th overall NBA draft pick. Two time NBA champion.

He first appeared on our radar during back to back championship seasons with LeBron James and the Miami heat. His competitive, and charismatic style of play on the court sparked our interest and we’ve kept an eye on number 15 ever since. His quiet confidence on the court echoes how we approach business.

"I knew I could rise up and win. And because of that, I knew I could beat anybody. I haven't had doubts since. Never. Not once.” -Mario Chalmers
In early 2015 we were awarded the opportunity to work with Mario to develop a custom line of products that matched not only his personal style, but his core values, visions and goals.

Roadblocks in this collab came early and often. After testing dozens of different design variations, styles were finalized and we began the manufacturing process. Just when the entire collection was finished and ready to ship, sh*t hit the fan. Mario informed us that he had been traded from Miami to Memphis. The thousands of glasses we just spent five months designing and manufacturing were left to sit on the shelves until we knew what the next steps were going to be.

Professional Basketball, like entrepreneurship, is a tough business. Mario knows firsthand, as we do, that things don’t always go as planned, and you gotta roll with the punches.

All good though. We’re quick on our feet and were able to reboot designs quickly in order to reflect the new roster, team and city Mario would call home. In March 2016, just when the new designs went into production … Mario suffered a critical season ending injury to his achilles tendon. He was put on injured reserve and waived by Memphis. Now, facing a long road to recovery and an uncertain future in the league, Mario faces the toughest test of his career.
It’s this tumultuous journey that makes us so proud to release the Mario Chalmers signature collection. It’s summertime and Mario is spending his off season grinding away, rehabbing his body to get back into playing shape. When opportunity knocks, he’ll be ready.

In the meantime, Join Mario Chalmers and Blenders in our celebration of passion, hard work, and perseverance with his signature sunglasses collection!