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Introducing The 'North Park' Collection
Awww sh!t, they did it again! Today marks the drop of a brand new style from your favorite sunglass slingers! These are classier than a Tom Brady ad, mixing metal and polycarbonate elements with signature Blenders detailing. The classic stripes you've grown to love have a bit more subtlety to them here, engraved on the arms and thinned out nicely. You'll notice a nod to our home state of California on the interior of the left arm tip with a small imprint of the bear from the state flag proudly facing forward.

So why 'North Park' for the title? It's one of our favorite Neighborhoods in San Diego! The vibrant artwork, unique culture, restaurants and nightlife make this spot an SD highlight. We wanted to share a bit of that flavor with you in each of the six frames we're launching for the Fall Collection. Pick out your favorite, or just cop the whole lineup. It's all gravy baby!
What Are Thoooose!?
It wouldn't be a Blenders release without at least one BANGER! Put your hands together for ANNIE'S SHOWTIME! This bohemian print is quickly becoming an all-time favorite around the office. The 'Annie's Showtime' features a wicked geometric pattern on both the frame and the ear tips. This is overlaid on a crystal clear citrus finish for depth and texture. Inlayed violet Blenders stripes pop offset against gold metal arms.

#FeelGoodFriday and #SundayFunday have never looked so good!
Gotta Love that Rose Gold
Not too pink, but not too gilded either; a perfect combination for those that like to stand out against the crowd. Plus it matches the iPhone you're probably going to lose while out celebrating your new shades. We've had a lot of requests to make frames with some sort of rose gold element. Well, here they are!

Introducing the ROSE THEATER, Blenders' first frame featuring rose gold arms and a custom rose gold lens to unify the color way.
A Classic Combo
Of course, we couldn't rest without tailoring a classic black and gold combination. Timeless. Sophisticated. Dope. Join us in bringing down the house for UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS.

Like the rest of the collection, 'University Heights' features standard 'North Park' branding throughout and smoke polarized lenses that pair nicely with any outfit or occasion. If you're wondering whether you can pull these off, the answer is 'yes'.