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Brother to Brother
The Stafford Brothers are DJs and producers from Gold Coast, Australia known for blending the genres of house, electro, and progressive music.
Currently based in Los Angeles, they were the first electronic dance music act to sign to Cash Money Records. Because of music, they have traveled the world ... Just two brothers, a party kangaroo and a little koala.


Across the Pond
From Australia to Vegas, the Brothers revamped their Residency at Daylight Beach Club by creating a high-energy world around their music, a wacky place they call 'Las Stralia'. The kangaroo and the koala are usually involved, but a visit to Las Stralia could also feature live percussion, skateboard ramps, the Australian Bikini Team ... there’s no telling, really. And no rules. Truth be told - What stays in Vegas - stays at 'Las Stralia'.
The Party Kangaroo
“PK was an idea of management,” says Matt of the costumed marsupial. “He said ‘you guys should throw out inflatable kangaroos.’ I thought that wouldn’t be cool because in Australia that wouldn’t be cool. Then it was like, ‘What you should also get is a guy dressed as a kangaroo!’”

Now both inflatable and costumed kangaroos are fixtures of a Stafford Brothers performance, both designed to enhance the party experience. If you've never been to one of their shows - you'll never know.


Welcome to the Party y'all!
Nobody gets FeelinGood like the Stafford Brothers. Literally. Nobody..
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