Polarized L Series

Size Guide

- Black / Red / Clear Frame
- Smoke Polarized Lenses
- Maximum Comfortability
- Versatile Snap Off Hinge
- Microfiber Pouch Included

Our ‘Black Cherry Polarized’ glasses are for people who need their shades to last. It’s not enough for them to look nice and protect your eyes from harmful UVs. You need sunglasses that survive.

Their durability goes beyond the lenses, too. The ball joints are detachable, which is awesome because on most glasses these joints break when too much pressure is applied. With these glasses, the pressure instead just makes them detach from the glasses. You can then snap them back into place without having to worry about taking them for repairs.

For all its functionality, we should also point this out: our ‘Black Cherry’ shades look pretty sick. They’ve got that classic black look, but it’s highlighted by a bright, sensational red. The earpieces are clear, which matches the classic Blenders stripes.

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The L Series feature nearly indestructible ball joint hinges that allow the arms to safely detach and reattach.

L Series Fit


Medium - Large