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The United States of Bros: A Map and Field Guide

April 03, 2014

From Like "hipster" and "douchebag," the word "bro" has been applied to such a vast swath of American culture that it seems no one is really sure what it means anymore. Turns out, much of that confusion can be attributed to the fact that a bro is different depending on where in the Bronited States of Bromerica you're currently... Continue Reading →


March 03, 2014

From GQ - City by city, Uber is upending the taxi business, even though its rides can be pricier than cabs. So what's the hook? Instant gratification, a hint of glamour, even some sex appeal. That's what GQ's Mickey Rapkin discovered after spending one week as an Uber driver. He also saw and heard some things he'll never forget ... read... Continue Reading →